5 Style Mistakes That Too Many Men Are Making

We all want to look our best. Dressing fashionably isn’t as hard as it sounds and doesn’t take as much effort as you might think. All you have to do is keep in mind what not to do. While you might already know some style mistakes to avoid, not everything is so obvious. Here are five fashion flubs that men make and easy ways to avoid them.

1. You’re too cool for school

Watch out for these common style mistakes

Watch out for these common style mistakes | iStock.com

How To Avoid This: Just stick to one or two trends per outfit.

It’s great when men look trendy, but there is a line when you are trying too hard and if you are wearing more than two very trendy items at once, you’ve crossed that line. Having personal style is one thing, but looking as if you stepped off a photo shoot to go to do something as simple as pick up a cold-pressed juice is quite another.

2. You wear things that need to be thrown out

Man wearing worn out socks

Worn out socks | iStock.com

How To Avoid This: Buy multiples of an item that looks good on you and rotate.

We’ve all had that awesome pair of jeans or lucky t-shirt we’ve just worn to death. But sometimes, when clothing is on life-support, we have to say “goodbye” and let it go. It doesn’t matter how flattering your favorite dress pants once were, if you’re checking to see how rubbed out the inseam is and wondering if anyone else will notice that little hole, I can assure you, they will. The one exception to this rule is that, if something is ripped on the seam, but otherwise in good condition, a tailor may be able to fix it, and it will cost you pennies compared to new pants.

3. You wear multiple patterns

We're all for mixing prints, but only when done correctly

We’re all for mixing prints, but only when done correctly | iStock.com

How To Avoid This: Only buy solid pants and shorts.

Plaid can be perfect. Stripes can be sweet. But both at the same time can cause a seizure! If you wear a pattern or print, you’re best off pairing it with a solid. It’s such an easy formula. If you really want to mix and match, make sure you do it the right way.

4. You give up too easily

Tailored suit

Tailored suit | iStock.com

How To Avoid This: Leave your look up to a professional. 

If you want to look good, but it’s just not your bag of tricks, you should leave your clothes up to a professional. There’s plenty of help out there for men who just can’t pull their own look together. You can get a personal shopper at most major department stores. There’s also Trunk Club, which is available online and in-person with locations in select cities including D.C., Los Angeles, New York, and Dallas. You give them your size, style preferences, budget, etc. and they will curate the best looks for you.

5. You wear things that don’t flatter your body

Man wearing pants that are too short

Please, wear pants that are long enough | iStock.com

How To Avoid This: Only wear clothes that fit.

The ’90s called, they want their pants back. No man looks good with his butt crack showing. Have a beer gut? Please do yourself a favor and don’t wear horizontal stripes. Ever! Very skinny? Wearing something too big on you won’t make you look bigger; it will make you look like you don’t know how to dress yourself. It doesn’t matter how much you like something, if it doesn’t make you look your best, you shouldn’t buy it or wear it. And it doesn’t matter what label is on the back and if they sell it at very fancy department stores or trendy boutiques, if it doesn’t work for your body, just walk away.