5 Style Myths Men Shouldn’t Believe

Remember when you were a kid and a parent told you something that you accepted as true — you had no reason to believe it was wrong. Admit it, for a few years, you thought the Tooth Fairy was real. Unfortunately, you’ve probably also been told a few myths about style that have held you back from reaching your true fashion potential. Until now that is. Here are five style myths debunked. 

1. Designer clothing is always expensive

Don't believe these style myths

Don’t believe these style myths. | iStock.com

Yes, most, but not all, designer clothing is expensive and some items never get price reductions, but many do. If there is something you really want, but it’s not within your budget, just keep your eyes and mouth open. Check websites often, subscribe to mailing lists, and don’t be afraid to ask a sales associate when a particular item might be discounted.

Another way to get a discount involves making a purchase on a website for the first time. Many companies offer you a discount outright or in exchange for your email address and other information. If there is a particular label you like, check out flash sale sites such as Gilt, or try outlets and their websites, such as Barney’s Warehouse, OFF 5TH, Last Call, or Nordstrom Rack.

2. You have to buy expensive clothes to look stylish

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You can make discounted clothes look just as good as luxury items. | iStock.com

This is so false. Stylish clothing comes in a range of prices. Even brands and stores that are known to sell higher priced items will generally offer some more affordable pieces each season.

Additionally, there are a variety of brands that offer high style at a fair price, such as J.Crew and Frank & Oak. Fast fashion shops are also a great option to find trendy items you only want to wear for one season. Check out Forever 21, H&M, and Uniqlo.

3. The key to good style is to follow the trends

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Trends are too hard to keep up with. | iStock.com/DragonImages

This is just plain wrong. Having style is about finding what looks best on you and what your personal preferences are. In fact, classic menswear often looks more stylish than seasonal trends do.

The key is to create a signature look that you feel confident in. If you love bowties, wear one every day. If you want to wear a blazer over everything from T-shirts to dress shirts, make that your thing. You don’t have to wear the latest and greatest in order to stand out.

4. You are the same size in every brand

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Your sizes will vary by designer. | iStock.com

Most men wish this was true, but standard sizing just doesn’t exist anymore. Every brand has its own sizing, but even that can vary from item to item. You could be a medium and a large within the same label. Certain brands are even vanity sized, so a size 36 might really have waistline of 38 inches. Buy everything based on fit, not on size.

5. Only celebrities have personal stylists

Casual well dressed man

An average guy can have a stylist. | iStock.com

If you aren’t the kind of man who is good at choosing wardrobe options for himself, you should consider using a stylist either in person or online. Whether you need casual clothes, formal wear, or something in between, a professional stylist can help you discover what looks best on you and how to coordinate everything with your current wardrobe.

Trunk Club and Bonobos have retail locations where you can schedule an appointment with a stylist. If meeting with an actual person just isn’t for you, Trunk Club has online stylists. You can also try services like Bomb Fell and The Mr. Collection.