5 Style Podcasts That Stylish Men Will Love

Whether finding some solace from your extremely chatty co-worker, making the long commute a little more bearable, or decompressing after a long day, what’s available to listen to through your headphones can be dicey. There’s your handy “pump up jams” playlist, but you may embarrass yourself in front of your office crush by uncontrollably bopping to The Weeknd (because we know you have The Weeknd on that playlist). You could turn on Netflix, but your level of productivity will be an expected zero or you may not have enough service to stream. Audio books are a great alternative and can be used in “airplane mode,” but they tend to be expensive. The perfect thing to listen to? Podcasts. They can be pre-downloaded and are usually free (not to mention won’t incite you to start dancing in your seat). But you’re no stranger to this “shocking” revelation, are you? After all, you’re most likely listening to Sarah Koenig’s second season of Serial. But if your podcast needs are a little more sartorial than salacious, check out these five style podcasts that are perfect for any stylish guy.

 1. Masculine Style

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We don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but we are big believers in what you wear matters. Your style, whether perfectly planned or not, reflects who you are as a professional, friend, potential lover, and so much more. That’s exactly why we love Masculine Style, a podcast geared to teaching men how to dress themselves.

“A lot of men don’t like to admit to themselves or anyone else that their image matters, so they pretend to just ignore it,” founder Tanner Guzy writes on his website. “On the most basic level, all men know that their clothing communicates who they are, what they think of themselves, and the respect they command (or fail to) from the world around them.” Here, Guzy talks about everything from how muscular men should dress to reasons why you shouldn’t dress to impress your lady.

2. Tom & Lorenzo’s Pop Style Opinionfest

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Are you the type of fashionisto who pays just as much attention to womenswear as menswear? Do you worship awards season for its slew of sparkly dresses? Do you tune into Project Runway on the weekly? If you answered yes to any of the aforementioned questions, allow us to introduce you to Tom Fitzgerald and Lorenzo Marquez, husbands and hosts of the hilariously catty podcast, Tom & Lorenzo’s Pop Style Opinionfest. Long ago, arguably before podcasts were even a thing, the couple launched their Project Runway fan blog, “Project Rungay,” in 2006. And since? The duo has come out with books and a very successful website that talks about pop culture, fashion, and (of course) Project Runway. Just like their other outlets, their podcast tells it like it is: They have no problem scorning Anna Wintour for giving Kim Kardashian a Vogue cover and or bickering just like any other married couple. Trust us, you’ll have a hard time keeping a straight face listening to this one.

3. George Hahn

Let’s face it: Dressing for your nine to five job can be such a drag. Thanks to George Hahn’s  eponymous podcast, even we’re rethinking the suit’s reputation as being monotonous. Before his foray into the fashion world, Hahn had a slew of different career passions: he was a serious actor, had a stint in hospitality, and a knack for being a sketch artist. But when the recession came rolling around, he channeled his energy to making a website that teaches his listeners how to look great without breaking the bank. While Hahn records everything from interviews with leading fashion executives to his experience shopping the J.Crew sale, we particularly his post that really break down the standard suit and when to splurge. After listening to a couple episodes, we have a feeling you’ll look at your suit more as a piece of art than an obligation.

4. American Fashion Podcast

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Fashion isn’t all about trends and having a covetable Instagram account: History and business are two major components. If you’re looking for a podcast to tell you which pants you should wear with that chunky turtleneck, this isn’t for you. However, if you’re dying to become an expert in the fashion industry, check out the American Fashion Podcast. Hosed by sartorial professionals like Charles Beckwith, Seth Friedermann, and Lisa-Maria Radano, this podcast is a far cry from strictly talking trends. Instead, the three hosts give a more intellectual look at fashion and interview everyone from designers to journalists and talk brands as well as giving a behind the scenes look into the industry.

5. #Unbuttoned

Do interviewing fashion editors and playing Cards Against Humanity mix? In most scenarios, no, but then there’s #Unbuttoned. As the audio version of Yahoo’s style section, this podcast talks everything from red carpet glamour to Kanye West’s emerging brand. While it’s similar to Tom & Lorenzo’s Pop Culture Opinionfest, this one differs by interviewing leading professionals in the industry. Plus, everyone from an editor at Cosmopolitan.com to fashion designer Chris Benz has tried their luck at playing Cards Against Humanity with the Yahoo style editors. And you thought that the fashion industry was a dull, humorless realm…

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