5 Style Tips That Make Any Man Look Effortlessly Edgy

Trying to create an edgy look may sound like a challenge, but it’s a lot easier than you think. Forget the ideas that are a bit over the top like ripped jeans, chains, and black painted nails. Sure these options work for some, but not for all. The last thing you want is looking like you are trying too hard. The most important thing to remember is that an edgy look does not mean that your entire wardrobe has to consist of cutting edge pieces. With a few key elements on hand, you can transform your closet into the stylish wardrobe of your dreams.

1. Minimal accessories

Man's accessories

Less is always more. | iStock.com

Always remember that less is more. Avoid over accessorizing or introducing too many loud designs to your outfits. Pick one or two accessories and stick with it to have a simplistic approach to your edgy look. Men’s necklaces are drastically overlooked, but look great on most men. Wearing a simple men’s necklace with a V-neck tee or undone button down shirt gives off an ultra cool vibe. Other accessory styling to consider is pairing a bold men’s ring in silver or black with a wrap around bracelet or statement watch. Don’t forget a pair of timeless sunglasses like aviators or black Rayban sunglasses that can be woven into your look no matter the season.

2. Grooming

Man grooming

A little grooming will go a long way. | iStock.com

Considering a beard is one way to add a personal touch to your edgy look. Make sure to keep your beard groomed and not too long. You can also experiment with a messy chaotic hair style like fashionable celebrities Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom. Although this style gives off an “I don’t care attitude,” you definitely want to pay attention to your styling and keep your hair clean with an effortless vibe.

3. Black

man with beard wearing a leather jacket

You can never go wrong with black, it’s always in season. | iStock.com

You can’t go wrong with rocking black, not only does this color looks good on everyone it also has an edgy vibe. Sporting a basic black tee, black jeans, or even an all black suit is definitely a sharp way to go. Try pairing a black leather jacket with a white button down or a traditional white button down. This looks great with a pair of slim fitting black jeans and black boots.

4. Stay on trend

Trendy man

Knowing what’s in and what’s out will save your look. | iStock.com

Having a few vintage pieces in your wardrobe is definitely a good idea, but avoid styles that have been put to rest for a reason. Part of cultivating an edgy style is also remaining on trend, what was once edgy several years ago may not work into today’s styling. For inspiration, refer to magazines or your favorite style icons, if you aren’t too sure about current trends.

5. Footwear

Man in black adidas sneakers

Black sneakers are super versatile and will never let you down. | Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Again sticking to black is highly recommended. Black works well with all looks ranging from a casual gatherings to a night out on the town. Black sneakers look great with jeans and offer a laid back vibe. Black boots can be dressed up or down and work great with jeans.