Style Tips We Learned From Victoria Beckham

We could all stand to take some style tips from Victoria Beckham. She’s often regarded as one of the most stylish celebrities out there (she wasn’t dubbed Posh Spice for nothing). Read on to learn some of Beckham’s most important style tips.

1. Pack dresses when traveling

Victoria Beckham in a dress

They’re comfortable, yet fashionable. | Victoria Beckham via Instagram

Beckham posted this fabulous shot as a throwback to when she was deciding which outfits to pack when traveling. “…when I was choosing my outfits for my trip to Paris and Madrid,” she titled the photo. Dresses, especially long dresses, are so great for traveling. They don’t take up much space, they’re comfortable, and they’re suitable for almost any occasion.

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2. Menswear isn’t just for men

Victoria Beckham in menswear

The oversized clothes help to keep her warm. | Victoria Beckham via Instagram

Don’t be afraid to try something on that’s a little more masculine. Beckham looks gorgeous and strong in this photo she posted on her Instagram. “…so good I had to try it on IMMEDIATELY! And now I don’t want to take it off. It’s cold outside!” she wrote of the coat. If you scroll through the comments you’ll find some negative remarks about the masculine nature of the look, but Beckham’s not one to pay the haters any mind.

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3. Don’t shy away from color

Victoria Beckham in long dress

She’s not afraid of bold colors. | Victoria Beckham via Instagram

Though Beckham looks fierce in earth tones and all black, she stuns in color as well. Don’t get too comfortable in the same old colors, you might miss out on a brand new look that completely suits you. Here, Beckham looks fabulous in a white and bright green dress with blue pointed heels.

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4. Make a statement with a high ruffle collar

Victoria Beckham in white shirt

Throw a few statement pieces into the mix. | Victoria Beckham via Instagram

Beckham has a few signature looks — one of them is the almost Victorian-era high ruffle collar she sports on various blouses and dresses. In this photo she can bee seen in a high collar with some chic beige trousers. She even featured a dress with a similar collar in her VBSS18 collection.

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5. Everyone needs a good white long sleeve collared shirt

Victoria Beckham in white shirt

She’s a fan of classic looks. | Victoria Beckham via Instagram

Beckham is a fan of the classics and wardrobe staples. Something you can see her in time and time again is a good, crisp, whit collared shirt. There are plenty of different ways to style a white collared shirt, and many different variations to choose from, and they all look timeless and put together.

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6. When in doubt, wear black

Victoria Beckham in all black

Black is always chic. | Victoria Beckham via Instagram

Though Beckham can be seen wearing more color these days, she used to rely pretty heavily on a predominantly black wardrobe. It’s easy to match with, and always looks chic and classic — it’s hard to go wrong with a head-to-toe black outfit. Here she is in one of her famous all-black looks.

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7. Big sunglasses

Victoria Beckham in sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses have that glam factor. | Victoria Beckham via Instagram

Beckham’s face is a bit on the smaller side, but that doesn’t stop her from wearing show-stopping, movie star-sized sunglasses. Want to amp up your star factor with one accessory? Grab a pair of oversized sunglasses.

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