3 Stylish Musicians (and How You Can Get Their Looks)

Let’s face it, musicians are the ultimate arbiters of cool. Who hasn’t ever dreamed of being a rock star with a slew of screaming fans following their every move? Unfortunately, most of us can’t be rock stars, but at least you can dress like one and live part of the dream. Here are three of the most stylish musicians and how you can steal their looks.

1. Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz is a stylish musician | Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for CB2

He’s just so damn cool. Lenny Kravitz is usually seen wearing his go-to black and white outfits with his trademark aviator glasses and, according to FashionBeans, is never one to shy away from leather (though he teaches us to be careful with that one) and bold animal prints. He is a guy who knows his body and build very well and dresses true to his statuesque form; in addition, he has a tendency to stick to a monochrome look (mostly in either black or white) to elongate his body and appear taller.

To really nail Kravitz’s look, you’ll definitely want to stock up on form-fitting, good quality cotton T-shirts with deep-cut necklines from American Apparel. Although Kravtiz loves a good waistcoat, you may want to try a leather jacket or a rugged denim jacket instead. What’s great about both of these items is that they can expertly be dressed up or down. Just make sure to opt for jackets that not only fit exceptionally well in the shoulders but feature minimal detailing. As for accessories (nose ring optional) with Kravitz, he doesn’t hesitate to wear multiple necklaces, bangles, and rings all at once, but since you’re an a amateur, start out with just one or two pieces of jewelry. Top your outfit off with a lightweight scarf and a pair of black aviator Ray Bans, and you’re good to go.

2. Adam Levine

Adam Levine ranks as one of the most stylish musicians

Adam Levine | Kevin Winter/Getty Images for CBS Radio Inc.

Maroon 5 front man and The Voice judge Adam Levine is a force to be reckoned with. His style is very uncomplicated and dare one say, normal, but he happens to be a man who wears the clothes, and not the other way around. “I tend to go for clothes with a classic feel,” Levine says to Men’s Health. “But I also want them to have a story, a history, some meaning.” Levine has come into his own in recent years, with his look having become more tailored, slicker, and at the same time more athletic. Whether he’s in a T-shirt and jeans or form fitting suits, he always makes sure to flatter his lean frame. Levine sums up his style: “To put it in musical terms, you want to be a classic — not a one-hit wonder.”

And classic does not equal boring. “I want my clothes to be unique. Not necessarily expensive, just one of a kind,” he adds. Levine wears a lot of vintage clothing items and enjoys finding shirts or pants with missing buttons or stains. It’s not about a messy look, rather a story he’s trying to tell through the imperfections in the clothing that translate into his unified look.

To really nail his style, GQ says it’s all about minimalism. Levine’s No. 1 style rule is this: Less is more. Most of the time he is seen rocking a plain white T-shirt, which he happens to build most of his outfits around, not only because you can’t go wrong with a white tee, but because it’s undeniably cool. Wear one that is beaten up, slouchy, or with a stretched out collar and you’re really in true rock star form. Don’t forget to throw a leather bomber jacket over it to turn it up even more. Easily anchor this look with a pair of slim fitting jeans and pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers, and you’re good to go. Sleeve tattoo and model wife are optional (but recommended).

3. Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams | Gerardo Mora/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Pharrell is the most unique musician of them all in terms of style. This performer, super-producer, and brand owner of the street and skatewear line Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream is also an official fashion icon, after having received the Fashion Icon Award at the 2015 CFDA Awards. In other words, Pharrell’s style should be taken seriously. What’s so great about his style is that he doesn’t stick to just one look. No one can ever forget his Elmer Fudd hat that he wore to the 2014 Grammy’s that not only pushed the boundaries of fashion but sanity. According to FashionBeans, you’re just as likely to see him in a crazy get-up looking like he walked out of the punk-era ’90s with a printed T-shirt with denim cut-off shorts and high-tops as you are to see him in a perfectly tailored suit.

Since his style is a little harder to pin down, it is easiest to emulate on an individual outfit basis. But more so than anything, Pharrell teaches us a true lesson in fashion: Find your personal style and wear the hell out of it. But just remember these few Pharrell-specific details: Denim shorts are always a yes (as well as shorts with a suit), make sure you always roll up your pants, shoes (specifically sneakers) are always a surefire standout, and you can never go wrong with camouflage. Opt for clean-cut wardrobe classics from J.Crew and Club Monaco. Don’t forget to finish it all off with a fedora or an Elmer Fudd-style hat.