How to Be Stylish: Uri Minkoff’s Creative Director Talks Accessories

Having good taste and impeccable style doesn’t happen overnight. Sometimes, it takes learning from the best in the industry to truly perfect dressing like a fashion-forward, modern man. Welcome to our series, “How to Be Stylish,” where we pick the brains of some of the most respected figures in fashion for their ultimate style tips.

Most guys’ arsenals of accessories are as ubiquitous as that gingham shirt from J.Crew: a black leather belt, brown suede lace-ups, and a simple brown billfold leather wallet are most likely in the vast majority’s wardrobes. Uri Minkoff is not most guys. The creative director of his own eponymous line, which showcased glitzy cross-body bags at its fall 2016 menswear presentation, and co-founder of womenswear label Rebecca Minkoff, knows a thing or two about creating cool shoes and leather goods that stray away from the status quo. And even if your style is more tame than sparkly bags, Minkoff still has something you’ll love: Think luxe sneakers and malleable briefcases in rich hues like navy and cognac. In this installment of “How to Be Stylish,” we talked accessories with the man himself.

Uri Minkoff 2015 Headshot

Souce: Bradbury Lewis

The Cheat Sheet: How did you get to where you are now, career-wise?

Uri Minkoff: I have always been an entrepreneur, from day one. I have loved combining key elements from my software background with the love for fashion that I’ve always had. We are at a moment of the fusing of tech and fashion, and this is the sweet spot of where my mind lives.

CS: Whether getting dressed yourself or leading the Uri Minkoff team, what’s the one style rule you always follow?

UM: I like to mix and match casual with more formal elements. I believe any good outfit has a piece or more of each. A dash of color is good. Confidence rules the day.

Uri Minkoff accessory

Source: Bradbury Lewis

CS: What is the one thing that every stylish man should invest in?

UM: A very well-fitted navy blazer.

CS: What are five things every modern man needs in his closet?

UM: The navy blazer [as previously mentioned]; a nice pair of white sneakers; a black skinny tie; a pair of dark blue denim that fits really well; a nicely fitted white dress shirt; and a good pair of black boots.

CS: Your menswear brand deviates away from the norm, but never fails to make versatile and practical pieces (your vertical wallet is a great example). Can you tell me more about the design process?

UM: I like to strike a balance between my American lens, a love of Scandinavian design, and a Japanese aesthetic of playfulness and color. This is my triangle for viewing the world. Right now, I am loving the mix of hard and soft elements as well as sterileness mixed with color.

Uri Minkoff shoes

Source: Bradbury Lewis

CS: Any of our readers with a penchant for womenswear will be familiar with your sister and co-CEO, Rebecca Minkoff. Do you have any advice for mixing business with family?

UM: [You should have some] clarity of who is doing what and letting the other own their area with each knowing generally what the other is doing. That and some basic rules for how to handle things that can’t be easily solved.

CS: Where do you see your brand five years from now?

UM: I hope we will have carved out a great niche for the modern global citizen who has a tech focus, and that we are a style leader for him.

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