The Summer Clothes That Are Going Out of Style

These summer clothes are going out of style

These summer clothes are going out of style | Source: iStock

We may all be wishing for an endless-summer — and, it’s true, the breezy, laid-back days of the sunny season never go out of style. But there are some warm-weather trends that aren’t so endless. There are a few types of clothing and accessories that have a firm expiration date. So, retire these outdated summer clothes from your wardrobe and look forward to a sunnier, chicer outlook ahead.

Shrunken denim jacket

shrunken denim jacket, cropped jean jacket

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If you’re tempted to throw on a stretchy, shrunken (and likely intentionally faded) jean jacket for breezy summer nights, we would recommend finding another cover-up that looks, ahem, a little less like a blast from the past. It can be a simple as switching out the ’90s flashback moment for a good, classic denim jacket that has all that cool Americana vibe without any of the Clueless fan-girl effect. Plus, a well-fitted, made-to-last jacket will take you from the warmer temperatures straight into fall in no time flat. It’s a great way to get some extra mileage out of those flowing maxi dresses — throwing on the denim topper will not only keep you warm but also make that summery look more fall appropriate.

Prairie skirts

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The Little House on the Prairie look has run its course (for now, anyway), and it is high time to retire the tiered prairie skirts — most especially if those layers have accents of ruffles. Although they are sometimes used interchangeably with a bohemian-style look, they really are more barnyard than boho. If you love wearing skirts in the summertime, there are plenty of other options that have a more modern outlook. For long varieties, opt for clean lines and less kitsch. Or, take the hemline up a few inches with a midi skirt; they are incredibly current right now and can walk the line between dressy and casual.

Ultra-low waist pants

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The era of the ultra-low waist is long gone; in fact, you might even be hard-pressed to find jeans or pants that you have to hike up before you sit down. They’ve been replaced on the retail racks by higher-cut options. But, if you’re still holding on to a few pairs that venture dangerously low, then this is the season to raise the rise. The high-waist silhouette has continued its dominance in everything from jeans to skirts and shorts. It’s sophisticated and sultry without being too skin-baring. And it’s the perfect way to wear the season’s best crop tops while showing off just a sliver of midriff. If you’re really accustomed to the low rise effect, take baby steps on your way to higher ground by compromising with a mid-rise. It will still be a modern upgrade from the ultra-low look.

Cargo capris

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Capri pants move in and out of vogue, and they are currently on the outs. Add in cargo-style detailing, and they are even more on the fringe. A decade (or two) ago and all those pockets may have been in good stylish fun, but the sporty utility look has run its course. The latest incarnation of the cropped pant is a wide-leg cropped trouser or a just-above-the-ankle skinny pant.

Wraparound sunglasses

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While aviator and Wayfarer shades are more or less timeless, wraparound sunnies are one summer accessory that doesn’t always stand the test of time. The style was made popular by Oakley in the ’90s and still has maintained relevance thanks to the functional sports-minded application of the frames. But, if you’re not running your morning miles, then make sure to wear a spare set of shades that has a bit more of a style-forward edge.

Peep-toe cork wedges

peep toe cork wedges

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Sometimes, the very thought of a certain shoe is simply enough to be cringe-worthy, and such is the case with peep-toe cork wedges. The clunky construction of the faux cork platform is bad enough. The attempt to add a more delicate touch with the peep-toe only adds insult to injury, highlighting the true girth of the sole. No matter how pricey the pair, they always seem to translate as inexpensive. Go for a standard peep-toe pump that’s far sleeker and more streamlined.

Overly baggy silhouettes

While the oversized look has been a “thing,” there is a difference between oversized and baggy. Summer is not the time to get sloppy with your silhouette. If you’re wearing a looser dress, make sure to highlight your figure by cinching in your waist with a belt. The same goes for separates — it’s all about balance. If you’re wearing an oversized shirt, pair it with skinnier pants. As for those wide-leg, cropped trousers and flowing midi skirts, they look best with cropped, bodycon tops or a bodysuit.

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