10 Tacky Clothing Items You Need to Dispose of Immediately

Purging your closet is not only cathartic, it also provides you with exciting new opportunities. Do you want to completely change your style? Will you live as a minimalist? Or is the added space just an excuse to go shopping? No matter which direction you choose to take after you clean out your closet, we have some advice on where you should begin. If you see any of the following items still lingering in your wardrobe, it’s time to get rid of them once and for all. Trust us when we say they’ll never come back into fashion, they’re hugely unflattering, and probably too tacky to wear in public. Goodbyes can be hard, but these are for the best.

1. Ponchos

Black wool buttoned cape

Ponchos look a little, well, dated. | iStock.com/Tarzhanova

If you know you’re going to be chilly, opt for a lightweight coat, a cardigan, a knit sweater — literally anything other than a poncho. Ponchos are not only pointless, they’re also frankly quite hideous. If you still have one lingering in your closet, toss it immediately or resell it online. 

2. Halter tops

woman in summer dress

Halters just don’t look very sophisticated. | iStock.com/kneafsey

If anything is worse than a tube top, it has to be a halter top (but the two are nearly tied). Why not wear a shirt with straps? Or, better yet, sleeves? It’s understandable to have your bathing suit tied around your neck, but as an everyday blouse, halter tops are just too casual and immature. Get them out of your closet and never turn back.

3. Chunky waist belts

women looking intent

These just look tacky. | iStock.com/kneafsey

Waist belts can look incredible when they’re thin, leather, minimal, and worn over a dress. But a gaudy, thick belt is the exact opposite of our stylish ideal. HelloGiggles reminds us chunky waist belts were a huge hit in 2006, but they were thankfully abandoned in the last decade. If any of your belts look more like a waist trainer that should be hidden beneath your top, you need to throw it away pronto.

4. Hippie pants

girl crossing the street with rubber sandals and flare pants

Hippie pants belong in the past. | iStock.com/Willbrasil21

It’s perfectly normal to hold on to outdated, hideous items of clothing because they hold sentimental value. Perhaps you met your husband while you were wearing these pants, or maybe you wore them to your first protest. Regardless of what special moment your hippie pants remind you of, it’s wrong to believe they’ll ever come back in style. Even if you frequent costume parties, do they even fit anymore? It’s time to put these glory-day bottoms to rest.

5. Denim mini skirts

Jean skirt

These mini skirts belong back in the ’90s. | iStock.com/ArtDiktator

Remember Lizzie McGuire, the Disney Channel’s favorite teenager in the early 2000s? Well, denim skirts ended with her character on that TV show. Though they were at one time everywhere you looked, this ’90s staple is a solid two decades expired. Jean skirts are tasteless, immature, and scream, “I can’t let go of my old Hollister purchases.” If you must wear a mini skirt, make it leather and wear black stockings beneath it.

6. Anything camouflage

camouflage pattern

We’re so glad the camo trend is over. | iStock.com

We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again: Unless you serve in the military or hold an outdoorsy job, there’s truly no reason for you to be wearing camouflage. Camouflage shorts, tanks, and (God forbid) camo pants are an unforgivable fashion faux pas. If you like the colors within camo, solid olive green and khaki are perfectly stylish alternatives that make for excellent upgrades.

7. Ruffle tops

Young blonde woman wearing a dress

On a child, ruffles are cute. On a grown woman, they look silly | iStock.com/-Robbie-

How do we put this gently? There are certain styles of clothing that every woman outgrows at a certain age. Bodycon dresses should stay in your 20s and 30s, crop tops should stay in your teenage years, and ruffled tops need to stay with girls around the age of 10 — no exceptions. If you’re still wearing ruffle tops as an adult, it’s best to start dressing like the mature woman you are.

8. Rubber flip-flops

brown flip-flop sandals on a wooden background

They just look a tad lazy. | iStock.com

The only time you should be wearing plastic flip-flops is if you’ve just finished getting a manicure and need to walk to your car. There’s something about plastic flip-flops that give the impression of a lazy tourist. There are innumerable sandals out there with incredible designs (think Jack Rogers, Tory Burch, and J.Crew), so why settle for tacky, rubber flip-flops?

9. Cropped jackets

Portrait of a Japanese woman

Why not go for the real thing? | iStock.com/violet-blue

Cropped jackets look so sweet on young girls, but they’re very off-putting when worn by a grown woman. You’re best off getting rid of your cropped jacket and switching to a well-tailored blazer. It’s time to make the switch from childish to confident.

10. Maxi dresses

woman posing in long dress

More is not better when it comes to fabric. | iStock.com/Saksoni

Maxi dresses had their heyday in the late 2000s, but women soon realized how unflattering they looked and quickly moved on. Not only do they make your legs looks extra stout, they also seem to hug and accentuate all the wrong areas. There’s a huge difference between elegant, floor-length gowns and maxi dresses, the former being perfectly fashionable. However, when it comes to the latter, we vote for your maxi dresses to be placed in the donation bin ASAP.