These Are the Reasons We’re Obsessed With Target’s Clothing Section

We’ve all been there: Checking out at Target, staring up at the register and wondering how we managed to blow $100 on “things we don’t need” for the millionth time (they should really change “pay day” to “Target day”). And let’s not forget all of the times we’ve gone on a Target run for one thing and left with something completely different (oops!).

All that aside, we love Target. We love Target so much that we’ve compiled a list of all the reasons why we spend our hard-earned cash (and we mean all of it) on clothes, shoes, and other things we probably don’t need. Disclaimer: These reasons may or may not be the same reasons we justify our purchases.

From the activewear selection to the exclusive brands, see why Target is our clothing go-to, ahead.

1. The activewear selection rivals Lululemon

Women's Sleeveless Layering Hoodie - JoyLab

Women’s Sleeveless Layering Hoodie – JoyLab | Target

If you’ve walked past Target’s activewear section recently, you may have noticed how trendy their leggings, sports bras, and workout tops have become. That’s because the superstore teamed up with the same company that created their Who What Wear line to design JoyLab.

Featuring fashionable items that rival some of the biggest names in activewear, JoyLab brings Target customers a more affordable take on athleisure.

2. The exclusive brands trump designer items

Women's Rouched Mesh Dress - Who What Wear

Women’s Rouched Mesh Dress – Who What Wear | Target

With exclusive brands like Who What Wear and A New Day churning out fashionable items at a fraction of the cost, we can’t think of a better time to be a Target customer. Some items — such as this Rouched Mesh Dress — look more expensive than they actually are.

3. You can find trendy statement pieces for a fraction of the cost

Women's Embroidered Moto Jacket - Xhilaration

Women’s Embroidered Moto Jacket – Xhilaration | Target

If you want to rock a trend but have guilt about spending a fortune on something that may go out of style, Target’s clothing section is calling your name. With affordable prices that can’t be beat, you’ll get yourself a quality item for much less than you’d pay at a department store.

4. It has an abundance of stylish, office-appropriate pieces

Women's Shine Ruffle Button Down Shirt - A New Day

Women’s Shine Ruffle Button Down Shirt – A New Day | Target

Another reason to spend your entire paycheck at Target (as if you actually needed one)? Their work-appropriate pieces. From button downs to conservative skirts, the superstore has a large selection of stylish pieces that can be worn to the office or on the weekend. Now that’s what we like to call work-life balance.

5. It has inclusive sizes

Women's Plus Size Ruffle Poplin Blouse - Who What Wear

Women’s Plus Size Ruffle Poplin Blouse – Who What Wear | Target

You don’t have to be a size 0 to fit into Target’s clothing. Thanks to their inclusive sizing and plus size brands, the superstore makes it possible for women of all sizes to look and feel their best.

6. Its designer collaborations make high fashion more affordable

Victoria Beckham for Target

High-end look for a Target budget | Bryan R. Smith/AFP/Getty Images

If their exclusive brands don’t get you, maybe their collaborations with high-end designers will. From Jason Wu to Victoria Beckham, Target has collaborated with a variety of different high fashion designers to bring its customers more affordable pieces.

7. It has mastered the art of the knock-off

Women's Rebe Backless Loafer Mules - A New Day

Women’s Rebe Backless Loafer Mules – A New Day | Target

If you need a pair of shoes to match your chic Target outfit, head over to their shoe section. It’s full of trendy, cute, and (sometimes) knock-off designs. You can find the Gucci loafers you’ve been drooling over (aka, A New Day’s Rebe Backless Loafer Mules), Sam Edelman boots (aka, A New Day’s Sidney Over The Knee Boots), and other “designer” shoes at a fraction of the cost.

Pro tip: If you’re a Steve Madden fan, check Target’s shoe section for your favorite styles! We see tons of replicated looks online and in store!

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