7 Tech Products You Should Plan to Buy on Black Friday

Black Friday is a fun but often hectic way to kick off the holiday shopping season. Deals abound in every store and in every corner of the internet, but when it comes to gadgets, it can be difficult to sort out which promotions are worth the hype. It pays to be aware of a few do’s and don’ts of finding the best Black Friday deals. And it’s also useful to know that, as a rule, some kinds of tech deals are worth pursuing on Black Friday, while others are rarely worth the trouble.

Before you stock up on Black Friday fliers, read dozens of blog posts about the holiday weekend’s best promotions, or steel yourself to head to your local electronics store at an ungodly hour of the night or morning, it’s a good idea to know which kinds of gadgets you can really save money on during the Black Friday hype. Read on to check out the kinds of tech products that are worth buying on Black Friday.

1. Televisions

Hand reaching for the off button on a remote to turn off the TV

You can get amazing deals on televisions on Black Friday | iStock.com

Black Friday has, quite famously, become the best day of the year to get an awesome deal on a new television. Retailers both online and off advertise numerous deals on TVs big and small. (The only catch is that there’s typically a small number of each unit available — which means more demand than supply.) Of course, you should never buy a big-ticket item like a TV without doing your research, no matter how great the deal. So if you’re in the market for a new television, do yourself a favor and read up on our must-know TV-buying tips, and check out our latest on whether you should buy a 4K TV

2. Budget-friendly laptops and Chromebooks

Woman typing on laptop

Need a laptop? There are great deals on Black Friday | iStock.com/StockRocket

Black Friday is also the perfect time to find a good deal on a laptop, particularly if you’re in the market for a budget-friendly model (rather than a high-end model, which probably won’t be steeply discounted on Black Friday and is more likely to go on sale in the summer for back-to-school season). Even if you aren’t going to spend a lot of money on a new computer, it’s still an item that you’ll want to do your research on. Educate yourself on the most important things to know before buying a computer, and be sure to steer clear of the most common computer-buying mistakes

3. High-end smartphones

Customers in a store looking at smartphones

Some stores offer steeply discounted smartphones on Black Friday | Lluis Gene/AFP/Getty Images

If you’re in the market for a smartphone, chances are good that you wouldn’t mind finding a great deal on one of the models you’re considering. If you’re an iPhone fan, you’re probably out of luck. (You’re likely not going to find major discounts on a recent iPhone model, Black Friday or not.) Similarly, flagship phones that were just released may not (yet) get major discounts. But retailers are more and more often offering great Black Friday deals on high-end devices from Android phone manufacturers. As always, you should do your research before committing to a new phone. Check out these steps for picking a new smartphone, and read up on the features you definitely need on a new phone and the features that are unnecessary

4. Tablets

Smiling couple with tablet computer on sofa

High-end tablets may be much cheaper on Black Friday | iStock.com/warrengoldswain

Black Friday isn’t a good day to suddenly decide to purchase a cheap, no-name tablet. (There are only a few cheap tablets that are really worth the purchase.) But if you’ve already done your tablet-shopping research and are in the market for a specific device, Black Friday is a great time to look out for discounts on your model of choice. Steer clear of these common tablet-buying mistakes and you’ll be well on your way to finding the right tablet at the right price by the time Black Friday rolls around. 

5. E-readers

Man on his tablet

Looking for an e-reader? Check out what Black Friday has to offer | iStock.com

Just like tablets, e-readers make good holiday gifts, which means that retailers looking for a strong start to the holiday season typically offer good deals on them for Black Friday. As with every other kind of gadget that you’re considering buying on Black Friday, you should do your research and pick out your preferred model ahead of time. Whether you want an e-reader or you’re shopping for somebody who does, rest assured that you’re likely to find a good deal on popular models come Black Friday. 

6. Cameras

A Fujifilm employee poses with the company's new X-Pro2 premium mirrorless digital camera

Not many people shop for cameras anymore, but if you’re looking for one, Black Friday is a good time to look | Toshifumi Kitamura/Getty Images

Most people don’t need a standalone camera anymore, thanks to the increasingly advanced cameras integrated into the smartphones we all carry around everyday. But Black Friday can be a great time to find deals on a new camera, whether you’re in the market for a professional-level DSLR or you’re hoping to pick up a mid-range mirrorless system, an entry-level camera, or even an action camera. Make sure that you consider all the right variables, and prepare yourself to avoid common camera-shopping mistakes as you do your research on which models will be discounted on Black Friday. 

7. Video games, DVDs, and Blu-Rays

Child watching TV

We suggest shopping for your video games and movies on Black Friday | iStock.com

Whatever your game system of choice, you’re bound to find great deals on video games on Black Friday. Every store, from Target to Best Buy to GameStop, offers games at record-low prices. It’s the perfect day to snap up the titles you’ve been waiting to purchase, or to stock up on gifts for all of the gamers on your holiday shopping list. Similarly, Black Friday is a great day to stock up on inexpensive DVDs and Blu-Rays (unless you believe they’re obsolete) if you aren’t willing to completely replace your media collection with your Netflix subscription.