Teen Girl Recreated Beyonce’s Stunning Dress From Walmart Supplies

If you ever wanted to see what REAL hustle looks like, you should probably check out India Ross. Ross, at only 18-years-old, managed to recreate Beyonce’s sheer Givenchy dress from the Met Ball using only items she found at Wal-Mart.

You’ll be floored when you see how close the finished result comes to what Beyonce wore on the red carpet. There’s no question that she was the toast of the prom her St. Louis high school when she showed up wearing this.

Here’s the finished product, complete with the Lemonade “Becky with the Good Hair” reference:


Now see how it stacks up to Beyonce’s original design.


If that’s not an A+ picture perfect copy, I don’t know what is. For full measure, she even got the hair right as well.

She didn’t have the same resources a pop superstar did, but her determination, talent, and creativity got the job done. And the result is something that she can be proud of the rest of her life.

I’m sure her date didn’t mind it, either:


See even more pics and her response to the backlash for not having a REAL $10,000 dress on the next page:

She had approached a local designer months before the prom knowing what she had in mind. And though the two stayed on the ball, the final product wasn’t ready until 5 PM the day of prom, which undoubtedly caused her an INSANE amount of stress. She said, “I was freaking out,” but she was in great shape by the time the prom doors opened at 9 PM.


Proud of her creation and her ingenuity, she posted the dress all over her social media accounts. Of course, though, there were those who took her to task calling the dress a “cheap knock off.”

India responded on Instagram, where most of the criticisms popped up:


Clearly, she stands by her (amazing) work, and the dress continues to be a source of pride for her.