The 6 Sexiest Types of Pajamas a Man Can Wear

Man with blonde hair and beard wearing pajamas

A man wearing pajamas | Source: iStock

While sleeping in the nude might be comfortable (and good for your health), there’s a good chance it isn’t a very viable option — especially if you’re still living with your parents or spending the weekend in their house along with your significant other. When the time and place are right for you to don some sexy PJ’s, these are our picks for the sexiest of them all. Here’s how you can look good and be comfortable.

1. The Velour Robe

a robe

A velour robe | Source: Nordstrom

Hudson Park Velour Robe

Let’s just say that velour is sexy. While this is a “pajama” of sorts — it is a robe — but this one from Hudson Park made of Turkish cotton is luxurious and sexy. The only thing that’s missing from the aura of the robe are slippers and a cigar. Did we mention it’s incredibly comfortable? And being sexy involves being comfortable.

2. The V-Neck and Pants Pajama Set

a pj set from Mr Porter

Pajama set | Source: Mr. Porter

Hugo Boss Pajama Set

This chic pajama set by Hugo Boss, made of a soft cotton and modal-jersey blend in navy and white, is not only sophisticated but extremely comfortable. Wearing this number to bed is sure to make you irresistible to your partner.

3. The Sexy Print Pajama

a pajama set

Pajamas | Source: Nordstrom

Majestic International Spice Market Pajamas

The name of the company says it all about this exotic paisley pajama set. This bold blue long sleeve pant set is made from a soft sateen cotton. The pants have a drawstring waistband for the most comfortable fit.

4. The “I Don’t Care That Much but I Still Look Sexy” Pajama Set

men's pajamas

Pajamas | Source: ASOS

ASOS Loungewear

There is sexiness in simplicity. There are few things sexier than a man who doesn’t need to wear anything too complicated/involved — even if it’s pajamas. This jersey muscle tank and tapered bottoms set is perfect for the confident man who knows he’s sexy. Also perfect for the man who doesn’t care too much about what he wears to bed.

5. The 1950’s Inspired Pajama Set 


Men’s pajamas | Source: Mr. Porter

Derek Rose Pajama Set

Derek Rose’s Lingfield Striped Pajama Set brings to mind pajama sets from the 1950’s. This elegant and finely woven blue vertically striped set exudes an old-time rugged handsomeness on the man who wears it. It’s the kind of set that you want to get into the second you get home from work. The set begs for a nice suede shearling pair of slippers.

6. The “I Gotta Have My Calvin’s” Pajama Set


Pajamas | Source: Macy’s

Calvin Klein Men’s Loungewear

The name itself — Calvin Klein — brings to mind sexiness by just its mention. This relaxed yet fitted black cotton long sleeve and pant set is just perfect to lounge around in and the color alone adds even more sexiness to the ensemble. Ideal for any man with any style — so big points for versatility.

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