The 8 Most Unattractive Things a Man Can Wear

It’s time to rid ourselves of items that will keep our style anything but fresh, and that means getting rid of items that make your style crusty and tired. If you’re not sure what those items are, they’re undoubtedly the most unattractive pieces that are horrible on and off the man who is wearing them. This is a list of items that no man should wear — they have no place in your closet and should never be brought out even on the days when you don’t really care about what you look like — or dare ruin your fashionable reputation.

1. Square-toed shoes

Save scuffed shoes with a marker |

Beware the square toe shoe. |

You may still have these hanging around in your closet if you haven’t cleaned your closet since 1998. Men’s Journal makes an incredibly fitting point about this square-peg (80’s reference) of a shoe: While there are very few, hard fast rules in fashion because it’s so mercurial, “Though shalt not wear square-toed shoes,” is one of those rare fashion rules, says the mag. While the shoes have had some staying power and have been the lesser of some other fashion sins (like acid wash jeans), the reason why these shoes are so unattractive today is that men’s pants have gotten progressively more tailored, tapered and fitted, which makes square-toed shoes look like flippers.

2. Flashy, oversized belt buckles

Man in black suit

Gold is probably a bit much. | Alberto Alcocer/Getty Images

Because you’re not a cowboy, you should never, ever wear one of these belts under any circumstances. Additionally, Fashion Beans points out that funny enough “the idea behind a brash and brassy over-sized belt buckle is to let everyone know you’re packing.” However, the belt does a great job at proving the opposite, exposing not only your horrible style sense but a ploy into your deepest insecurities, says Fashion Beans, more so than any comment about the size of one’s hands.

3. Bell bottom or boot cut jeans with shower slides

brown flip-flop sandals on a wooden background

Wearing these with bell bottoms screams lazy. |

This is yet another “I haven’t cleaned out my closet since 2005″ sort of deal. The wider, bell bottom/boot cut flares are the ultimate in lazy college guy fashion. They’re horrible on their own but when they’re combined with your Adidas shower slides, it’s one of the worst outfit combos. We’re hoping you left this scary combo behind once you graduated. While you’re at it, put socks and sandals in this category as well, because we’re almost positive you’ve worn those slides with socks.

4. Shiny shirts

men's shirts

Please don’t try to take us back to the 70’s. |

A shiny shirt should never be worn, except on Halloween if you’re going dressed as Tony Montana. It’s an outdated style that is best to avoid — a normal dress shirt will do just fine.

5. Wearing a super tight shirt thinking it will suck it all in (or show it all off)

Sport man wearing T-shirt and sweating

Too tight is never a good look. |

Whether you’re a skinny lad or you’re carrying around a little extra weight in some unwanted places, wearing a tight shirt is not the best way to hold it all in. Even if you’re jacked, it’s just too much to take in. Instead, invest in properly tailored pieces that will flatter your frame. The only place it’s acceptable to wear a skin tight shirt is if you’re wearing a rash guard to surf or boogie board.

6. Letting your trousers extend past your laces

rolled pants

At the very least, roll pants that are too long. | Pixabay

While there are so many ways to make a statement with your clothes — showcasing to the world that you know a thing or two about fashion — allowing your pair of un-hemmed, loosely flowing trousers to puddle over the tops of your shoes will elicit a huge fine from the fashion police. This is unattractive and makes you look shorter than you are, and you end up looking like you’re wearing borrowed pants. No matter the style of your trouser, they should be tailored to only ever touch the top of your shoes and the fabric should never bunch. Ever.

7. The deep V-neck

man wearing a V-neck top

We understand you have been working on your pecks, but this is a bit much. | Pixabay

Because A, you’re not a member of The Wanted or Lenny Kravitz, and B, no one wants to see the gaping expanse of your newly waxed or unwaxed chest. It’s not OK to have low cut scoop neck shirts or deep V-necks in your closet. No one wants to see your chest hair — away from the beach. This one may also be too rock and roll for you; we suggest sticking to a normal crew and V-neck shirt to channel the same look without over-sharing your chest hair.

 8. Baggy clothes

man kicking up his feet to nap on a coach

This goes for sweatpants, too. |

Let this be stated: Guys, this is a capital fashion offense. The time of the baggy clothing style has passed, it’s time to move on and meet a tailor.