Here’s the Amazing Thing That Happened When I Didn’t Wash My Face for 3 Months

Ask any dermatologist and they will agree: Washing your face is a skin care must. That said, many cleansers can have negative effects on the complexion and leave it in much worse shape than before. This is why I decided to quit cleanser altogether and try something a little less aggressive (and more effective).

Find out the amazing things that happened when I stopped washing my face for three months, ahead.

1. Why I stopped washing my face with cleanser

Asian woman washing her face on the sink
Washing your face can be a struggle. | ferlistockphoto/iStock/Getty Images

I’m sure we can all relate: Washing your face before bed can be a real struggle — especially on late nights. That said, going to sleep with makeup on (not to mention: dirt and debris from the day’s grind) can result in breakouts, and nobody likes those either.

Since I prefer to spend more time applying nourishing skin care products than rinsing my skin, I decided to switch to something with less commitment (hint: It’s not facial wipes). See what I switched to, next!

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2. Micellar water

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Water
Micellar water is gentle, yet effective. | Target

Price: $6.79

My switch to micellar water happened after a friend told me how the gentle cleansing alternative completely transformed her skin. At the time, my skin was experiencing weekly breakouts and I was desperate for something that would get rid of them. Low and behold, micellar water was the saving grace I had hoped for.

Unlike cleansing towelettes, micellar water picks up dirt and debris and removes makeup without harsh rubbing (Here’s a not-so-fun fact: Rubbing the skin with a cleansing towelette can result in wrinkles). Another bonus? Micellar water is extremely gentle. It can deeply cleanse the skin without stripping it of its natural oils and is safe enough to use on sensitive skin types.

In addition to its cleansing abilities, micellar water is extremely affordable. I picked up a large bottle of Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water from Target for less than $10.

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3. It is gentle on the skin

Young woman having face makeup removed
It doesn’t strip your skin. |

As I previously mentioned, micellar water gets the job done, but is easy on the skin. When it comes to breakouts or acne-prone skin, one common misconception is cleansers should get rid of oil. But, that’s not entirely true. While it’s OK to rid the skin of excess oil, using a harsh cleanser that strips the skin of all natural oils can actually leave the skin in worse shape and promote breakouts (more on that later).

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4. My makeup was easier to remove

Woman removing makeup
Even waterproof makeup comes off. | Marko_Marcello/iStock/Getty Images

Another game changer? Micellar water made it a lot easier to remove my makeup, including stubborn waterproof mascara and eyeliner. With just a few quick swipes — and no harsh rubbing — my complexion was makeup-free and ready for bed.

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5. My skin felt softer

young woman with clear complexion in the bathroom
It makes skin softer and smoother. | iStock/Getty Images

One major bonus to using a gentle skin care like micellar water is how soft your skin feels after. Because my complexion wasn’t being stripped of its natural oils, my skin wasn’t left dry and irritated. Thus, revealing a softer, smoother texture.

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6. My complexion was brighter

Beautiful woman face
Micellar water helps to draw out impurities. |

In addition to texture, the tone of my skin also changed. After about a month of using micellar water to cleanse my skin and remove my makeup, I noticed that my skin looked a lot brighter than before. That’s because the micellar technology works to draw out impurities and leaves behind a clearer, less congested complexion.

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7. I had fewer breakouts

Young woman popping pimple on her cheeck
Breakouts and blemish marks vanished. | DragonImages/iStock/Getty Images

The biggest change I saw after using micellar water for three months was my breakouts — or, lack thereof. Switching to a gentler, more effective cleanser like micellar water allowed my skin to thrive. After just a couple short weeks of using the cleanser alternative, I stopped experiencing new breakouts. And, after a month, my blemish marks had completely vanished.

It’s been three months since I stopped washing my face the conventional way and I haven’t had a breakout since.

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