The 6 Best Accessories to Wear With Your Tux

If you’ve received invitations that say “Black Tie,” be prepared to wear a tux, since this dress code usually means the event is very formal. However, that doesn’t mean you have to dress boring. You can wear a colored tuxedo in either navy, burgundy, or even a tuxedo jacket with a print. What will ground your look is the accessories you wear with it. The classics are a good start such as a cummerbund, waistcoat, and black cap toe oxfords, but here are a few more accessories to help pump up your formal look.

1. Bow tie

Man wearing a bow tie and suspenders

Try a bow tie. |

When choosing a bow tie for a black tie event, match your tie to the lapel of your jacket. If it’s black, then wear a black bow tie. That’s the best option. If you’re wearing a colored tuxedo with an evening white shirt, then wear a white bow tie for a monochrome effect. Pattern is also good as long as the main color matches your lapel.

2. Cufflinks and studs

Man fastening his cufflinks

This is a small but important detail. |

Studs usually come with a matching set of cufflinks. If you haven’t worn them before, go for a safe choice such as silver and black onyx button covers. They work well when it comes to stepping out in a formal look. Don’t want to play it safe? Add personality to your tux with cufflinks in a fun shape, texture, or color.

3. Suspenders

Man wearing suspenders

Suspenders are a fun way to add style to your look. |

You can’t wear a belt with tuxedo pants. A cummerbund looks outdated and more like you’re going to prom. The best option is to hold up your trousers with suspenders. Wear them in either black or white and hidden beneath your jacket.

4. Pocket square

Man wearing a suit

Pocket squares add personality. |

A pocket square is a great accessory to complete your look. Ideally in silk, white linen, or cotton. Plain white is usually the color of choice, but some gents like having fun with this little accessory. Some fun colors to wear are red, navy, purple, green, and burgundy. Don’t be afraid to try a pocket square in a pattern you like. This is a great way to liven up your tux.

5. Dress watch

Man wearing a dress watch

Don’t forget a dress watch. |

A watch is another piece that can help you complete a formal look. Wear a slim, classic style that has a black band and silver details, so that it matches your studs and cufflinks. A pocket watch is a dapper choice for this occasion.

6. Boutonniere

Rober Downey Jr. shows how to wear a boutonniere

Go for a simple, single flower. | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

If you’re not into pocket squares, a boutonniere in the lapel is a nice touch. Some guys like wearing both, so it’s entirely up to you. Just focus on wearing a flower that is a single blossom, preferably in white or red.