The Best Apparel and Accessories to Keep You Warm This Winter

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There’s a good chance you’ve survived enough winters to know that layers are essential for the cold-weather months — check out this full proof guide to layering from LifeHacker. With the right foundation, you can stay nice and warm all winter. To help, we’ve compiled a list of essentials you need to stock up on, stat.

Base layer shirt

base layer, shirt

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Although there is a science to layering, the best layers are thin, warm, and inexpensive. A great base layer is able to be worn under your shirt and tie without turning you into the Michelin man.

Heattech Innerwear Tops,


We don’t need to be the ones to tell you that you should be wearing a sweater. It’s your standard insulation layer. Wool is of course the best, and thick, natural wool with the lanolin still in it is extremely durable and water-resistant — although we also can’t resist a good, light cashmere wool. It’s refined and not as thick (if you’re not into thicker wool), while still proving insulation from the cold.

J.C. Rennie & Co. Shetland Wool Sweater Pullover,

Thermal underwear (or long underwear)

When it’s really cold out, you can’t wear just one layer — enter: thermal underwear. Made of either wool or synthetic, it makes a huge difference in keeping your legs warm.

Minus33 Merino Wool Men’s Kancamagus Midweight Bottom,

Flannel-lined pants

If you just can’t deal with wearing thermal underwear, another great option is flannel-lined pants that will keep you feeling stylish because if you roll them up, you’re on trend with flannel prints. Most common in blue jeans and other work clothes, it adds that layer of insulation to regular, functional pants. They won’t do you any good if they get wet though.

Double L Jeans, Classic Fit Flannel-Lined,

Wool trousers

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If you wear a suit to work, opting for a heavier wool trouser can help tremendously in keeping you warm. Thicker wools add more warmth and can handle more wetness.

Bowery Slim Pant in Herringbone Wool,


A winter parka is the big guns, so to speak, and is the most intense you can get. It is the essential outer layer to brave the cold and blizzard-like weather when it arrives. Parkas are big, insulated layers that reach down to the knees or lower. They’re bulky, yet effective and almost always include a hood for extra warmth.

Langford Parka,

Down jackets

Your second, or best, option, depending upon the type of guy you are and your style, is less intense than a parka but can be just as warm. Opt for a down jacket that is hooded and filled with goose or duck feathers for legitimate warmth that won’t make you feel like a puffer fish.

Mackage Leather Sleeve Hooded Down Jacket with Genuine Coyote Fur and Genuine Shearling Trim,


This is an obvious necessity, because without it, it’s almost impossible to brave the harsh winds of winter. Keep your scarf wrapped on the outside or tucked under the shell layer for extra warmth.

Purple Checked Scarf,


You can dress in as many layers as you’d like but no amount of layers will keep you warm from the neck up. Opt for any kind of hat that will cover your ears when it gets brutally cold out. Our faves include beanies, trappers, as well as earmuffs or insulated headbands.

The Elder Statesman Bunny Echo Ribbed Cashmere Beanie,

Liner socks


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When one pair of socks just isn’t enough, liner socks will do the trick. Liner socks are mostly synthetic socks that are mean to be worn under warmer socks. They’re also useful for wicking moisture away from the feet.

Calvin Klein Men’s No-Show Liner Socks, Three Pairs,

Wool socks

This is a vital layer for the feet that comes in thinner wool and synthetic blends, but the extra padding of thick wool socks helps to trap more air for warmth. When it’s cold other there, your feet are the first to feel it.

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Snow boots

A great pair of snow boots are insulated and should be warm enough to wear through a blizzard.

UGG Australia Metal Butte Boots,

Wool gloves/mittens

These thick sock-style gloves are your go-tos to keep your digits warm. They can be made from insulation and a synthetic liner, or from a natural sheepskin with wool and possibly leather on the outside.

Hestra Deerskin Wool Tricot Gloves,

Ski gloves

This is the big time here: These are your essential, basic winter gloves that are fingered, with padded insulation and waterproof exteriors. Do not enter a snowball fight without them.

Men’s Alpha Ski Glove,

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