The Best Belts to Buy Right Now

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Belts are an overlooked accessory when it comes to putting together a complete look. Most fail to realize it can really transform an outfit without breaking the bank! There are few key things to look for when incorporating a belt. Like anything else you will want to make sure you have a few staples. These are usually considered an investment piece due to the quality of the belts and timeless appeal. Below are few pointers that will help you make the right decision with your next belt purchase.


First decide what type of belt you are seeking; are you mainly looking for something formal, informal, or both? In order to distinguish between the two, determining the width and the finish might help. If the belt is as wide as your thumb, it’s considered a dress belt. Casual belts are often found in a completely different finish than dress belts. Dress belts are usually glossy with a reflective finish. The Ted Baker London shiny reversible leather belt is an affordable investment piece, and, with the reversible detail, you can wear it in more ways than one. A good example of a casual belt is the Topman Genie brown leather belt or the Mezlan leather belt in tan. If you are looking for a casual option that isn’t leather the Torino Belts Braided Stretch Cotton Belt in navy is an excellent option. Because of the sturdy craftsmanship and dark color, this belt could easily be considered a staple for an everyday look.



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When it comes to color, you most certainly have more variety with casual belts. They tend to come in different colors, textures, and fabrics. The Tie Bar braided herringbone belt is inexpensive and a great example of casual belt. Color is not limited to fabric or textured belts, the Caputo & Co. leather belt comes in dark teal with a tan stripe. Sticking to darker colors still allow you to incorporate color without having to buy an enormous amount of belts. If you are not looking to create a large selection of belts within your wardrobe, go with either black, brown, or tan. If you have all three of these colors in your closet, you will have a belt for every outfit imaginable, it will also help make your wardrobe selections effortless.


If you like to make a statement with your belts opting for an out of the ordinary buckle is one way to do it. Be careful with this trend, going with a buckle that is too pronounced might work against you. The Salvatore Ferragamo reversible leather belt has a polished double-Gancio logo buckle that is unique and not too bulky. Vineyard Vines leather anchor belt has an anchor-shaped buckle, a nice subtle touch. Twisted or plaited belts are also popular when seeking something outside the box. The Nixon ‘Twisted’ leather belt in saddle or the Topman plaited tan belt can be incorporated into a business casual or casual outfit with ease. Opting for a unique stitch on your belt can help with making the belt stand out in a unique way as well. Torino Belts‘ South African Ostrich Leather Belt incorporates topstitching edges which really helps to make the distressed ostrich leather of the belt eye catching.

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