The Best Clothing for Big and Tall Men

It can be challenging for tall men to find clothes that fit well and look stylish. But it’s not impossible — as long as you know where to shop, and you know what style rules you need to follow. To help all of you tall men look your best, we’ve rounded up some great clothing brands that cater to and understand your taller stature.

Something else to keep in mind: There are other benefits to being tall. Sorry, shorter gents, but studies show that taller men enjoy faster promotions, get paid higher salaries, and are more likely to win presidential elections. But none of that matters much if you don’t know how to dress for your build. We’re making it easy with this simple guide.

Clothing qualities to look for

Proper shoulder fit is key

Proper shoulder fit is key | Gabriel Bouys/AFP/Getty Images

If you’re taller than 6 feet, Real Men Real Style says you should look for clean lines and a few horizontal elements to break up your vertical. Texture, layers, and subtle patters are a good choice for tall men. Don’t forget, you have a lot of body to cover, so throw some variety into your look.

Per Real Men Real Style, here’s what else you need to keep in mind:

  • Shoulder width: You need sufficient shoulder width to keep your shirts from pinching
  • Longer shirts: With longer shirttails so they can tuck in securely without popping out when you sit
  • Close-fitting shirts: Especially with jackets to prevent billowing
  • Sleeve length: This one is kind of a big deal so your arms don’t hang out awkwardly past your cuffs
  • Pant length: Same goes for your trouser leg
  • Crotch drop: You need enough room in that area to keep your trousers from pinching
  • Easy patterns: Anything too imposing or colors too bright are discouraged so you don’t appear overwhelming

1. For long arms and torso


Get the right blazer | RFM

RFM Clothing, a site and store in SoHo, NYC, is a store specifically tailored for tall men with an athletic build. They use a sizing system where if you go up a size, you’re going up a size in length and width. Also, tall, slender guys need something that works length-wise but also fits a smaller torso. Enter RFM’s casual blazer. You choose a size based on your height and chest size — think long and lean. The blazer is a little pricey, but it’s worth it for the guy who needs to take several special trips to the tailor and order a custom size, so in that respect, it may come out cheaper in the long run.

Double-breasted jackets are great for tall men, because you need a longer torso to pull off this style comfortably. It’s elegant, and it adds a little bulk for men who are both tall and skinny, and if you’re over 6-foot-2, it’s worth investing in one. Additionally, a coat in a visible weave like herringbone or birdseye looks good on a tall man.

2. For long legs


Your pants have to be long enough | Paige

Let’s face it: Most pants aren’t long enough for tall men. In fact, most pairs you try on may look like you’re living in the year of the flood. These extra-long Paige Denim pants are made for gents that want normal fitting pants and come with a 36-inch inseam so you don’t have to worry about looking like Steve Urkel.

3. For a broad chest

button down shirt

You have different fit needs when it comes to shirts | Hugh & Crye

If you’re a taller guy, you need to think outside the sizing box. Instead of sticking to regular sizing, Hugh & Crye gets specific about body type. This casual button-down is great for men with broader shoulders or a thick chest. Be sure to look for the sizing listed tall and broad for extra room in the upper body.

4. For large feet


Larger sizes are easier to find than you might think | Allen Edmonds

Don’t forget about your feet. It’s safe to say that tall men usually have very large feet. Allen Edmonds allows you to customize your shoes, and choose whether your feet are long and narrow or long and wide. Sizes go up to 15, and the shoes come in wide and extra wide so there’s no special order required.