The Best Glasses for Your Face Shape


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Whether you need to wear them to see or you use them as an accessory to enhance your style, glasses can truly transform your look  as long as you pick the right frames for your face. With so many options, it can be hard to pick a pair that look good on you. The Vision Council of America estimates that about 75% of the country use some form of vision correction, meaning there’s a lot of men out there who may need some glasses guidance. Today, we’re helping you determine the right frames for your facial features. Plus, you’ll want to see our favorite picks.

If you have a square face


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A square-shaped face is characterized by a strong jawline and prominent forehead. Also, the length and width of a square face is usually equal while the chin is angular. For this face shape, the best glasses are soft looking with round lines, or minimal frames that will complement your square mug. Also, oval or circular ones will be a nice contrast, while rimless horizontal frames can play up your strong facial features.

If you’re a man who likes the look of a strong profile but don’t want your glasses to seem overbearing, squared-off shapes will do just fine  just make sure the lenses are large and somewhat even in height and width. Be sure to steer clear of narrow, rectangular lenses on a broad, square face; they’ll may make you look like you’re squinting, and be sure to also keep your distance from thick, dark frames that can overpower a square face and take away from the rest of your appearance.

Our picks:

Talbot Frame by Warby Parker,

Polo Ralph Lauren Frame,

If you have a round face

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If you have a round face, your face height and width are the same, with a curved chin and cheeks. The best kind of frames for your face will be angular and slimming. Flat, rectangular lenses will make your face appear longer and thinner, especially if they sit high on your face. You can also try frames that have a butterfly taper, where the edges of the lenses are closer to your nose and shorter than the outer edges of the frame, but the corners of the frame should be squared off instead of rounded. Steer clear of thicker frames that will overwhelm your face.

Our picks:

Crane Ti Frames by Warby Parker,

Prada PR 28V Eyeglasses,

If you have an oval face


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An oval-face shape works well with most style glasses, just so long as you avoid any kind of extreme looking frames. An oval face is taller than it is wide, with high cheekbones and a rounded shin it looks best in squared-off frames or ones that curve. The lens of your frame choice can be wide or narrow, but if it’s too square or circular (where the height and width are close to the same) it may look a little clunky on your face. The most interesting frame is a thicker one that can add definition to your face; just be weary of anything too heavy because it can overpower your features.

Our picks:

Round-Frame Tortoiseshell Acetate Frames by Cutler and Gross,

Acetate Optical Frames by Tom Ford Eyewear,

If you have a heart shaped face


Source: Mr Porter

If you have a heart-shape face, you have a wider forehead, narrow chin, high cheekbones, and a narrow jawline, making this face shape the trickiest to fit. Your best bet for frames are rounder ones which will help to balance out a wider forehead, or you could consider rimless glasses too.

When it comes to your pointed chin, to fully even out the proportions of your face, lenses that fit wider at the top than the bottom work, as well as a butterfly taper to bring attention to the center of your face. Steer clear of anything too blocky, squared-off, or too narrow because they won’t compliment the curves of your face’s shape. And don’t shy away from a thicker plastic or wire.

Our picks:

Round-Frame Acetate and Metal Optical Frames by Persol,

Ray Ban Frames,

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