The Best Men’s Fashion Trends of 2015

Every year there seems to be a new trend creating serious buzz within the fashion world. So what are the best men’s style trends of 2015? There are a number of them, and the best part is they will most likely carry over into the new year. Below are a list of trends from head to toe that you may be surprised you were already wearing.

1. T-shirt and blazer

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This look has been around for a while, but it’s taken on a new approach and is now being worn by more men. Traditionally considered a casual look, a T-shirt with the right blazer can be worn just about anywhere. This trend can be woven into all aspects of your lifestyle ranging from work to play. Pairing a basic V-neck with a dark colored blazer in a simple design works well for business oriented occasions. For the more casual male, this same look has been replicated by swapping out the blazer with an everyday bomber jacket or moto jacket with edgy detailing. It’s best to stick to neutral tones in order to get more wear out of it. Lean toward a T-shirt in either white or light gray for a simple look.

2. Box fit short sleeves button down

Every gentleman has the staple long-sleeve button-down shirt in his closet; however, including a short-sleeve button-down is the way to go these days. Not only is this considered a popular trend, but it’s perfect for when the warmer months roll around. For the man that is looking for some variety, a mock neck short-sleeve button-down with bold stripes is an excellent addition and can be worn on it’s own. The classic white short-sleeve button-down is a nostalgic piece that continues to remain a must-have.

3. Skinny tie

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This ’80s throwback is making some noise in 2015. From solid colors to stripes, the skinny tie has made a significant dent in the fashion world this past year. The tie can also be found in various fabrics and textures, making it a suitable option for all occasions.

4. The extra tall Canadian hat


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Music sensation Pharrell Williams jump-started this trend in 2014, and it took the fashion scene by storm this past year. Men have been seen sporting a less exaggerated version of the hat, making it more realistic for the average male. A popular trend was flipping the brim of the hat in the back for extra detailing.

5. Floral prints

Florals are not just for the ladies. Men’s basics have been popping up everywhere in floral fabrics. This look is totally transforming traditional pieces like a men’s polo in a two-toned floral design. This popular print has also been present in bomber jackets and casual top designs.

6. Statement blazer


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From stripes to solid colors, distinct blazers were a staple in 2015. Blazers in dark, bold colors consisted of clean designs with mute details. The structure of these blazers is what really makes them stand out against the rest. Double breasted blazers with thin stripes are also a popular style option in 2015.

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