The Best Patterned Pants to Wear

Once in a while, we all fall into a style rut: We find ourselves wearing a similar outfit day in and day out, and we lose any excitement we have over getting dressed in the morning for work or even a night out. Our choice colors become predictable, boring, and maybe even depressing. In short, we stop putting in the effort. Once that happens, you know it’s time to make a change and recharge your sartorial batteries. An easy way to do this is by injecting a little life into your lower half by trying some printed pants.

Print has become a firm menswear favorite among the bold and the brave, and it’s been pushed in every imaginable way across the fashion spectrum. So if you’re ready, get out of your rut by trying these four types of patterned pants.

1. Check it out

checkered pants

Source: Topman

Checks and plaid is a timeless and versatile pattern that is not only the easiest way to add interest to your outfit, but the easiest to incorporate when you’re craving more excitement. For one of the hottest trends of the autumn/winter ’15 season, designers such as Hackett and Dunhill showed a layered head-to-toe check outfit, while Hentsch Man and Shaun Samson inspired with grunge-looking outerwear.

Checks are one of those streetwear staples that you can also try with your work attire in slightly neutral colors. Off-duty, checks work with almost anything, just so long as you keep your upper-half understated, otherwise you risk looking too visually overwhelming. Try these Blue Green Tartan Stretch Skinny Pants, with white leather minimal trainers, a dress shirt, and a blazer for a look that’s on point and comfortable.

2. The motif

motif pants

Source: Barneys New York

The motif-inspired trouser requires a higher level of confidence and personal style to pull off — only because this print is the boldest of them all. There is no hiding once you choose your pattern. The same rules apply to what you pair the rest of your outfit with: Just remember to keep everything else simple and neutral. Try these Dolce & Gabbana Art Deco-Inspired Trousers.

3. Stars and stripes

cargo pants

Source: Brooks Brothers

While striped pants, specifically pinstripes, are common workwear attire, they’re not as common in off-duty wear. GQ touts that this season is all about the chalk stripe, the rougher and less perfect cousin of the pinstripe. These Chalk Stripe Cargo Pants by Brooks Brothers are a perfect blend of workwear attire meets the casual cargo pant, an ideal high-low mixture that you can pair beautifully with a crewneck sweatshirt and sneakers and rock perfectly.

4. Camouflage

camo pants

Source: Thinkstock

We recommend pairing camo cargo pants with a black nylon bomber and black leather high-tops, finished with a high man bun. Apparently when we think of bold prints, our minds conjure thoughts of Jared Leto. We salute his style and this bold, masculine print that sends out all the right style signals. Try these Drawstring Camo Print Pants.

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