The Best Socks to Wear for Every Occasion

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Socks are probably the last thing you think of when styling an outfit, but they can really make a statement if worn correctly. Sure, having a supply of a few pair of socks in traditional colors has worked well for you in the past, but why not switch things up in the new year? Now the options are endless, allowing you to incorporate some creativity into your wardrobe. Below are a few sock styles and suggestions that work well for every occasion.

Dress socks


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These socks should be considered for any formal occasion — engagement parties, weddings, cocktail parties, etc. Dress socks are also often worn daily for those who have a strict dress code at work. When selecting dress socks, lean toward options that aren’t too bulky and will fit smoothly in your dress shoes. Most socks are made of nylon, polyester, wool, and other blended fabrics.

If you’re not sure what color will work best for you, get neutral and dark-colored socks. The Canali dress socks are made from 100% cotton and come in herringbone texture. Try them out in blue or dark brown to incorporate a muted detail without being too over the top.

Warm weather


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If you are looking for socks for a fancier outing during the summer months, you should stick to options that are lightweight and breathable, but still appropriate. A good example of this are the Patherella cotton lisle blend socks, which are made of a breathable lightweight cotton and are suitable for all occasions. Looking for a casual version? Select a few low-cut or no show liner socks. These work great with loafers, boat shoes, or low-cut sneakers. The Mr. Gray No Show liner socks are made from a lightweight cotton blend and are extremely affordable. This style of socks gives the appearance of your feet being sock-free, but keep your feet covered at all times.

Fun selections


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Have some fun with this look! Today there are so many different color options and designs that can be included into your attire. When there is no dress code, you are able to experiment. Opt for a pair of socks in a pattern with a base tone. This option works well for those who want something different, but aren’t willing to step too far outside their comfort zone. If you really want to take it up a notch, go with socks in a vibrant design that will contrast nicely with your overall outfit. These selections can include a bold color, texture, or design. This style is also available in no show designs for occasion where you may be asked to remove your shoes. The Stance “Bordeaux” super invisible no show socks or the PACT “Campground” stripe organic cotton bend socks are a perfect example of this.

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