The Best Style Advice for Grooms and Groomsmen

So, you bought the ring, popped the question, and set the date. Now that a wedding is in your future, it’s time to ensure your style lives up to the occasion. Do yourself, your bride, and wedding photos proud and follow these words of wisdom for a sartorially solid happily after ever. Groomsmen, many of these tidbits apply to you, as well. After all, you’ll want to support the handsome groom by putting your best style forward, too.

Tailor-make your day

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No better occasion exists than the day you say “I do” to invest in a good tailor for that tux of yours. Or take it a step further and go for a fully bespoke, custom-designed tuxedo or suit. Groomsmen, the same thing goes for you. Just as the bride has multiple fittings to make sure her wedding gown is as perfect as can be, the same level of attention should be directed toward your ensemble. An impeccable fit makes a world of difference, and nipping and tucking is one of the best sartorial decisions you can make. Properly tailored pants also preclude the need for a belt, so you won’t have any bulge cluttering the swift, clean lines of your look.

No color-coding!

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Matchy-matchy is so out when it comes to the wedding party, so don’t coordinate your vest with the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses. A far more classically handsome option is to wear suiting in sophisticated colors such as black, navy, or gray. Bring in subtle pops of the wedding hues with a boutonniere, lapel pin, cuff links, or a patterned pocket square.

Take a bow

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If you’re wearing a bow tie on the big day, then it is imperative you learn how to tie one — or have a reliable reinforcement by your side who can do it for you. Pre-tied bow ties are generally an unacceptable idea for any event and an especially bad move for a wedding. You would never wear a clip-on necktie (let’s hope), so the same rule should apply when it comes to pre-fabricated bow ties. It’s not that difficult to learn to tie a real one; it just takes a little practice. Soon enough, it will be just like tying your shoelaces.

Sweat the small stuff

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Ordinarily, we’d be telling you to not sweat the small stuff. But, the devil is in the details when it comes to a wedding, and paying attention to the little things will have a big impact. What does that mean? Well, for example, make sure your ensemble is fully pressed and that you have a lint roller handy. You will likely want to have a steamer available on the day-of for any creases or rumples that may have materialized. Man up, and get a manicure, too. Your hands — and that all-important ring finger — will look mighty good as a result. Also, be cognizant of the cologne you decide to wear as the olfactory memory will likely be a lasting one. Perhaps you wear the same scent as the first day you met her, or maybe you and your bride have selected a special fragrance for the wedding.

Shine on


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Shoes shouldn’t be an afterthought for your nuptials. It’s important to cap off sharp suiting with a quality pair of shoes that become a seamless and subtle addition to end your ensemble on the right foot. Black dress shoes are the safest, most classic option to wear with black, navy, or gray suiting. But, no matter what, a flawless shoeshine is essential, too, so this is the time to employ the services of a professional bootblack.

Be the best version of you

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There is no need to drastically change up your look the day before you tie the knot. Skip trying out a new haircut or ’do and refrain from experimenting with any trendy grooming fads. You should be the best version of you — which basically means your grooming game is on point. Ensure that you are clean-shaven or that your beard is well-shaped. Your hair should be trimmed (one week before the wedding is advisable, which allows time for the hair to settle after the cut) and classically styled with a neat part, but skip the heavy styling products. Too much pomade is never the answer. Also, whitening your teeth can make a world of difference, especially in your wedding photos. A few months before the big day, begin using a whitening toothpaste. If you have the need for more intense whitening, over-the-counter kits can be a good option or schedule a professional teeth whitening treatment.

Dress for the occasion

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Just as your bride may be changing out of her formal ceremony gown for a more relaxed, party look at the wedding reception, you can dress for the occasion, too. Wear the classic full tuxedo first then change into a sleek dinner jacket and dress pants to hit the dance floor. If you’re getting married in a more nontraditional, destination setting — say a beach or the mountains — a formal tux need not apply. But, that doesn’t mean you get a free sartorial ride. Even the most casual of ensembles should be well-fitted, your shoes (or sandals) should be well-maintained, and you should pay just as much attention to your grooming. Just because you’re at a vacation-worthy place doesn’t mean you can skip shaving on your wedding day!

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