The Best Suit Colors for Every Occasion

Having a selection of dark suits in your wardrobe is an excellent way to avoid wearing the same thing for every occasion; no one wants to be that predictable! Try having at least two to three suits that vary slightly in design details and color. It’s always a good idea to stick to dark suits, because they offer more longevity and can be worn for several different occasions. However, in today’s fashion, the options of dark suits are endless, making it difficult to figure out when is a good time to wear a certain suit.

Traditional colors

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Deciding when to wear the right dark suit is not always an easy task. If you are a man that doesn’t typically have a need for a suit and find yourself only wearing suits for weddings or funerals, you will want to make to opt for something with minimal detailing. Select a suit in a traditional dark color such as navy, black, and charcoal gray. All three color options are considered acceptable, however the charcoal gray offers more variety if this happens to be your only suit.

For occasions that may be business orientated, selecting a navy suit is a good idea, it’s not as formal as a black but offers the same distinguished sense of authority. Charcoal gray suits can also be implemented into your wardrobe for business oriented scenarios although sometimes harder for some men to pull off. They offer more versatility by allowing you to incorporate other colors into your styling like brown or black elements. For variety, you can add a chocolate brown belt or shoes.

The brown suit

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Another dark suit color to consider that is often overlooked is brown. There is a tremendous amount of variety when it comes to this color family. Not only are there several variations of this color but many suits also come in different traditional brown fabrics making it ideal for various times of the year and occasions. Stick to lighter brown suits for warmer months and festive occasions like weddings. Dark suits in tweed or wool fabrics are perfect for the colder months and business oriented settings. There are other factors that go into picking the right brown suit, making it a bit tricky. The color of choice should complement your skin tone and not match it. Try on different shades to pin-point the shade that works well for you.


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Pinstripes are good when you want something a little bolder |

For some a solid dark suit is a bit too boring, so keeping one suit with a pattern like pinstripes in your closet is acceptable. The pinstripes should be simple on usual fabrics like wool or wool blend. These type of suits work well for non-traditional cocktail parties, events, and business depending on your profession. When opting for something non-traditional, it’s important to know your audience. This should not be your go-to suit, but definitely a great addition if you are looking for variety.