The Best Ways to Style Curly Hair

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We always want what we can’t have. If you have straight hair, you want curly hair, and if you have curly hair, you want straight hair. Ladies are very familiar with that feeling, and are willing to spend hundreds of dollars to get the hair they want. Men, on the other hand, aren’t as forthcoming about their hair woes, and if they are, they suffer in silence. Gentleman, I am here to tell you that we love your curly hair in all its natural beauty. Embrace your manly curls and make them work for you.

If you need a little help styling it, here is your Cheat Sheet for how to style your man curls and where to get it cut.

How to style it

Although the styles are endless, here are a few to get you started:

1. Full framed

How it looks: Hair is left naturally curly and cut into a more round shape. It helps to balance out a long face.

How to get it: After showering, towel off excess water and work a half-dollar sized amount of curl control cream throughout your hair, not missing any part of your head. Allow to air dry.

2. Natural and neat

How it looks: For this look, your natural curls are cut closer to the head on the sides than on the top. The natural texture of your hair will create random patterns for a cool, relaxed feel.

How to get it: On dry hair, apply a quarter-sized amount of medium hold texture paste to your fingertips and direct hair from the crown (top back) of your head diagonally toward the front.

3. Curly shag

How it looks: Your long natural curls with lots of long layers to keep the hairstyle balanced throughout.

How to get it: While in the shower, start shampooing and conditioning your hair with products designed to tame curly hair. Once you’re finished, towel dry and ring out excess moisture, then apply a quarter-sized amount of low- to medium-hold styling cream throughout your hair.

4. Cropped brilliance

How it looks: This style is cropped at about finger-length on the sides, left a bit longer on top, and is cut with scissors.

How to get it: On dry hair, apply a quarter-sized amount of medium hold styling cream to fingertips and distribute throughout your hair by raking the product from front to back. Make sure you concentrate the product away from the scalp to achieve the desired look.

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5. Separated spirals

How it looks: Your natural curl spirals are cut and separated to show off their natural texture.

How to get it: Start by shampooing and conditioning, and then towel dry your hair. Afterward, put a nickel or quarter sized amount of your gel of choice on your fingertips. Then work the gel throughout your entire head for even control. Allow it to air dry.

6. Matte and messy

How it looks: This style is very natural and exudes a matte finish due to the product you will use, giving the illusion of not having used product.

How to get it: First allow your hair to air dry then work a quarter-sized amount of a matte styling cream or paste throughout your hair. Finally, use your fingertips to separate your curls, giving it a random, natural texture.

 7. Layered locks

How it looks: You will have your longer, curly hair cut into layers that are approximately the same length throughout.

How to get it: Shampoo and condition your hair as you normally would and towel dry your hair, wringing out excess moisture. Then, take a half-dollar sized amount of styling cream and distribute it throughout your hair, making sure you do it from the middle of your hair to your ends, not touching your scalp.

8. Bedhead bad boy

How it looks: This is more of a longer-haired style with your natural curls being tamed by the angle of your cut. Layers give it added body, preventing it from looking triangular.

How to get it: On towel dried or dry hair, take a half-dollar sized amount of styling serum and rake your fingers though your hair to separate your curls. Them scrunch you hair with the palms of your hands to give your curls a lift.

9. Sexy spirals

How it looks: For men with tight, natural spirals, layers will be added to your hair and to enhance your style, add caramel color highlights.

How to get it: On towel dried hair, take a golf ball-sized amount of medium to high hold styling pomade and work through the middle of your hair to the ends. Then, finish off the style with a little bit of liquid hairspray, rather than using an aerosol version as the weight of the spray will help to tame your spirals.

10. Classic curl

How it looks: For this low-maintenance style, tight curls are cut closely to your head in a square shape, giving you a strong, masculine look.

How to get it: On towel dried hair, distribute a quarter-sized amount of curl defining cream throughout your hair. Make sure you get all sides of your hair, as well as the top of your head.

Where to get it cut

Look for salons that specialize in cutting curly hair. If your search is unsuccessful, don’t be afraid to bring a picture along to make sure your hair dresser knows what you want. *Hint: Show them this article.

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