The Best Ways to Wear a Peacoat

Now that it’s chilly, your peacoat may be your go-to coat to stay warm and look fashionable. One of the advantages of owning a peacoat is its versatility. It’s easy to wear for any occasion during fall and winter months. They are also excellent for enhancing your personal style.

Stick to neutrals

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Black is often best |

Purchasing a neutral peacoat will save you a lot of hassle when trying to pair outfits so they don’t clash. Stay away from busy patterns as well as bulky details like large buttons or oversized hoods (unless detachable). This will allow you to get more wear out of your coat. Lean toward neutral colors such as black, gray, and beige.

Layer up

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You have tons of layering options | Sweeney

The options are endless when it comes to layering, so this is where you get to experiment with different looks. Determine if you want a more casual or dressy feel. Depending on the thickness of the peacoat you can really pile on layers, allowing room for a more creative style. Try adding a button-down shirt with a thick, knit cowl-neck sweater for additional warmth.

Add a scarf

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Wear your best scarf |

Long gone are the days of a basic black scarf (although it’s good to have at least one). Men’s scarves today come in all different colors, patterns, and lengths. It doesn’t hurt to have a bit of a variety to select from each day. Make sure to have a solid, dark-colored scarf in either navy or black. It can have a modest detail, like a rib-knit, to make it stand out.

Pop the collar

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It’s an easy way to go for a preppy look|© Chris Hutchison

This may not be your thing since it’s considered a more preppy look. However, with the simple action of popping your collar you can turn any peacoat into a more fashion-forward look. A number of peacoats are actually designed with an exaggerated collar for this purpose.

 Add a pop of color

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Plaid is a nice chioce |

Whether it’s a plaid pattern or colorful button down, adding some color to a neutral coat can really transform your look. Selecting a crewneck sweater with a fun pattern is also a great way to add a bit of personality to your styling.

Choose the right bottoms

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Go with the darkest jeans you have |

For a polished look, go with a pair of pants in dark, neutral colors such as olive, black, and gray. Chinos are a great selection for more casually nice affairs. If you opt for denim, stick with darker washes especially if the peacoat is in a beige color.

Include a hat

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Adding a hat lets you show your personal style |

Whether it’s a knit hat or a wool baseball cap, adding a hat not only changes up the look but it’s also a great opportunity to add a bit of your personal style!