The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Jeans

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Denim is a staple in every man’s wardrobe. And why wouldn’t it be? Denim is versatile, and your favorite pair of jeans has the ability to boost your mood and make you feel good. But in order for jeans to do the job they’re supposed to do, you need to find the right pair and not buckle to trends so easily. Know what looks good on you, and don’t stray from that.

That said, if you’re teetering on the edge of solidifying your ever-evolving personal style, there are some fashion rules to keep in mind when rocking jeans. Here are the do’s and don’ts of wearing jeans, so you’ll never commit a fashion faux pas again.


Don’t wear splashy patterns

There is no reason that a grown man should be sporting jeans with prints or patterns on them — think anything reminiscent of Ed Hardy or tiger-face prints, or even Jackson Pollock inspired paint splatter. There is nothing to say but don’t.

Don’t wear bright colors

Because there’s no reason to wear canary yellow pants. Nothing in neon either, please.

Don’t wear a statement belt buckle

You don’t need to make a political statement or let the world know that you love Star Wars through what you wear on your belt. Perhaps just bring up your interests in conversation, instead.

blue jeans, clothes

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Don’t wear your jeans too low

Follow this simple rule: If your pants are so low that it’s hard to walk, pull them up, please.

Don’t wear jeans with bling

Jeans were not meant to sparkle. Keep it simple when it comes to your denim.

Don’t overdo it with prints and logos

Unless you’re getting paid to be a walking ad for a company, there’s no need to have designer logos printed all over your pants.

Don’t wear super skinny jeans

Super skinny jeans are both uncomfortable and often unflattering. Opt for a slim fit instead.

blue jeans, clothes

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Do wear subtly colored jeans

Denim in subtle colors like red and olive green can be very complimentary and add that extra layer of style to your outfit. Just make sure when you wear them that you wear a muted color shirt on top, like black, beige, or white to balance out the ensemble. Also, make sure you go for a slimmer fitting jean to complete the look.

Do wear a classic leather belt

You can never go wrong with a classic black or brown leather belt. Stick to this general rule (unless you can make it work otherwise — like if you happen to be wearing an all-black outfit): black should be paired with a classier outfit, and brown with one that’s more casual.

Do wear a lower-rise comfortable denim pant

Because they’re always in fashion, and they’re comfortable. Look for a classic pair with a little bit of stretch to them for extra comfort.

Do add a splash of variety with seams or pocket stitching

Try spicing up the variety of your jeans. Seams, pocket stitching, or some kind of embroidery can add a little class. Look for a pair with a contrast zig-zag stitch on the hip or side seam, along with tack buttons and rivets.

Do try rolling your jeans up

This is a fantastic style to try. Wear a slim fitting pair of denim and roll them up one time. They should sit about a half-inch above your ankle. Try this look with a color jean as opposed to just regular denim. If you’re not fond of rolling up your jeans, hem them instead.

Do wear a well fitting pair of slim jeans

Many brands carry slim versions of a lot of their denim, and you shouldn’t hesitate to try them on and buy them. They’re completely flattering and look great in almost every situation. What are you waiting for? Stop reading this, and go get yourself a pair now.

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