The Most Essential Items You Need for a Weekend Trip

It’s not easy to have everything you need for a weekend getaway without forgetting a thing or overpacking. Being unprepared during a weekend trip can result in heavy bags and purchases you don’t need. When gathering items for your trip, consider pieces that are interchangeable and can be worn several different ways. This is key when attempting to pack light. Here are some other tips for packing for a weekend getaway.

Toiletries bag

Man waiting for his flight

That suitcase better have a separate toiletries bag |

Think of your toiletries bag as your survival kit! The bag should include your everyday grooming essentials in travel-size bottles. Chances are you’re not going to need to pack full-size products. If this makes you uneasy, carry two three-ounce bottles as back up. Having a waterproof bag with various compartments will help eliminate unwanted mess inside your luggage and keep you organized.

The ideal pants

rolled pants

Man in comfortable pants | Pixabay

To determine the perfect pair of pants, consider the type of trip you are taking. Opting for a dark pair of pants will mean you can most likely match them with a majority of tops. Dark pants are also perfect for transitioning from day to night.


Black leather shoes

Black leather shoes |

Similar to choosing the right pair of pants, you want to opt for a shoe that can be dressed up or down. Stick to leather shoes, and avoid a pair that is too casual, like hiking boots.

Sports jacket

man wearing leather jacket

Man in a sporty jacket |

It’s a functional item that can be worn several different ways. A sports jacket is also excellent for carrying everyday essentials since they are usually designed with several interior pockets.


Packing clothes

Go for versatile tops |

Make sure to add a few items that can be mixed and matched as well as layered. Button-down shirts go nicely with crewneck wool sweaters, but they can also pair with a dark-colored sports jacket. Lean toward solid colors and avoid busy patterns.


Manly accessories

Manly accessories |

Whether it is a pair of sunglasses or hat, you want to select accessories that are durable and practical. Pack sunglasses in a sturdy case to avoid them getting crushed in your luggage. Hats are the quickest way to look put together in an instant. When it comes to belts, stick to leather and dark brown; black can be viewed as too formal.


Collection of socks

Collection of socks |

A great pair of socks not only pairs nicely with leather boots, but it’s also ideal for other reasons: cold hotel rooms and staying covered at a security check-in. If the socks are thick enough, they can also offer additional comfort if a lot of walking is involved in your trip.


Classic wrist watch

Classic watch |

A good watch can dress up any outfit! However not every watch can revamp an outfit. Going with a leather band and simple face will keep it classic and easier to match with all outfits packed.