The Most Stylish Apparel to Wear in January

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A new month means another opportunity to liven up your drab winter wardrobe. This month, stick to your New Year’s resolution to up your sartorial game and purchase these exciting pieces. Both your wardrobe and winter will seem brighter.

1. Step up your workout style


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Look good going to the gym and feel good when you work out. According to a 2012 study by the the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, what you wear directly affects how you perform. The study’s researchers coined their own phrase to describe this phenomenon, “Enclothed Cognition,” which is a play on the term “embodied cognition,” the idea that bodily sensations can affect the way we feel and think. In this regard, if you want a killer workout, wear clothes that will make you want to get to the gym and get moving. Don’t shy away from loud colors; more people are checking you out at the gym than you know.

Your shopping list:

2. Get a bold parka


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If there is one single thing that you should invest in this winter, it’s a jacket that functions as a heating system. Since our warmer than normal start to the winter season luck has run out, it’s time to bundle up. This one from Canadian Goose has a fur-trimmed hood and also comes in a bold red.

3. Wear your best Monday clothes


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Mondays in the dead of winter are like a double whammy — not only is is Monday, but it’s really cold. This means that you’re really going to need a damn good-lookin’ outfit to motivate you to get dressed and out the door to work. This turtleneck/camel overcoat combo in these very flattering colors is your cure for when you have a case of the winter Mondays.

Your shopping list:

  • J.Crew Ludlow Slim-Fit Wool And Cashmere-Blend Overcoat,
  • Hugo Boss Sisanor Cotton Silk Cashmere Striped Turtleneck,

4. Find a classic topcoat


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We know we said wear a parka, but for the days when you want to switch it up, or for when you have a date, a classic gentleman’s topcoat, like this Acne Studios Charles Oversized Wool And Cashmere-Blend Overcoat, will send out all the right signals (and keep you warm too).

5. Get the right suit to impress


Source: J. Crew

For whatever reason, you’ve decided to switch jobs. Now it’s time to impress during your interview in a jewel-toned suit. Wear this Ludlow Suit Jacket in Heathered Italian Wool Flannel in Dark Raisin to meet your future employer, and you’re sure to snag the job.

6. Get an outfit with an attitude for hump day

shearling jacket

Source: Mr Porter

Yes, it’s hump day; yes, it’s the middle of the week — relax a bit and look cool. Nothing’s more old school cool than a black shearling moto jacket with a white dress shirt, a black tie, and slim fit black pants.

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