The Perfect Date Night Outfit for Under $100

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No matter if it’s your first date, your fifth date, or if you’ve been in a relationship or a while, date night is special. It’s a way to get to know each other before figuring out if your interests match theirs, and for those in a relationship, it’s a way to stay connected to your partner. That said, depending upon where you choose for your date, it’s imperative that you try to look the best you can.

In every which dating scenario, you want to let your date or partner know you care or still care. After all, that’s what made them attracted to you in the first place, so why not continue to impress them with how well put together you are. If you’ve deemed nothing appropriate in your closet and you’re looking for something new that won’t break the bank, here are three great date night outfits for under $100.

Drinks and a night out

The most casual of nights means that you can dress a bit more laid-back. That said, you should still look refined and put together. A great go-to option is a pair of straight slim indigo jeans, an Oxford shirt in blue, white, or grey with a complementing cardigan or V-neck sweater. It looks great topped off with a black leather jacket and a pair of loafers or boots. If that’s not your style, it’s easy to substitute in chinos, a t-shirt, or a denim/varsity jacket for comfort of style. Since you’re dressing to impress and not stand out, stick to neutrals, which is always appropriate for evening, with a hint of elegance and sophistication. This outfit is also a great option for a casual date night dinner as well.

The fancy date

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How do you know if you’re going on a fancy date? Simple: Reservations are required. For this occasion, wear a suit, but don’t make yourself look like you’re wearing a suit. That means skip the belt and the tie and be sure to keep a few of your shirt’s top buttons open. To try something different than your typical work attire, opt for a suit with a bit of texture, such as a grey tweed or khaki cotton to keep you suit in line with your off duty aesthetic. Pair your suit with a simple plain colored or striped shirt with a pair of burgundy or brown loafers. If you’re really confident and adventurous, wear a pocket square. She won’t be able to resist you wearing this look.

The classic date: Dinner and a movie


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Even though you’re going to spend part of the date in the dark, it still matters what you wear and that, most importantly, you’re making the effort. Starting from the bottom, wear medium to dark color chinos, joggers, or slim fitting jeans with a simple neutral color shirt of your choosing, topped with a blazer or refined looking jacket to balance out the outfit. If you’re not in the mood for a blazer because you’ll be sitting in a movie theater, try substituting it for a shawl neck cardigan. A pair of boots or leather lace up sneakers will do just fine.

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