The 7 Things You (Probably) Won’t Need to Do for Yourself in the Near Future

As technology continues to make our lives easier, we can imagine a time when humans barely have to lift a finger. We can already order groceries instead of picking them up, video chat family around the world, and “experience” new worlds through virtual reality. In the near future, which of the following ways will you want your life improved?

1. Bills will all get paid automatically

young couple figures out their budget together

No more having to set reminders to pay your bills. | iStock/Getty Images

If you don’t use automatic payment for at least some of your bills already, welcome to the future. Most banks, credit card companies, and even utilities allow you to set up recurring payments. In the future, all bills will probably work this way, so you never have to worry about late fees again. In the meantime, financial products — such as Quicken and FreshBooks — can make your life easier, according to productivity expert Peggy Duncan.

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2. All groceries will get delivered

Amazon Fresh insulated grocery delivery bags totes on front home house porch closeup with man carrying

Forget the crowded grocery store. | krblokhin/iStock/Getty Images

Grocery subscription services, such as Blue Apron and HelloFresh, make dinnertime a snap. We can envision a future when these types of boxes make grocery shopping obsolete. If you want to make your life easier but prefer a more flexible approach, delivery services, such as Instacart, can still bring the comestibles to your door.

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3. Algorithms will choose our outfits

Woman trying clothing looking in mirror adjusting dress

No more having to figure out what to wear. | ariwasabi/iStock/Getty Images

If you consider putting together outfits a necessary evil, you may want to check out clothing subscription boxes. Services, such as Stitch Fix, Gwynnie Bee, and Bombfell, send items of clothing chosen for you based on a series of questions. You only pay for what you keep, but some do charge a monthly fee. In the future, maybe all clothing will come pre-selected, right to your door.

Next: Some of this “busy work” might also disappear from your to-do list.

4. Robots will take care of rote tasks

man rubbing his eyes while he works on a laptop

Say goodbye to monotonous data entry. | iStock/Getty Images

Things, such as paperwork, data entry, and simple administrative tasks, take up a lot of some people’s days. As robots become more sophisticated, that might end. Francis Carden, vice president at robotics and automation company Pegasystems, sees a future in which robotics and artificial intelligence converge. Someday, robots might handle data entry and simple administrative tasks, leaving the cognitive work to human counterparts.

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5. Note taking will go the way of the dinosaurs

A man's hand writing on white paper

Everything will be digitized automatically. | kmatija/iStock/Getty Images

Comedian Dan Nainan uses voice recognition software Dragon Dictate on his smartphone and computer to eliminate typing from his life entirely. “It’s freaking unbelievable, and it makes me so much more productive,” he told FastCompany. “I’m using it constantly, both at my desk and when I’m walking around. I have the new version for the phone that lets me dictate anywhere — waiting for a plane, backstage, or even walking in Manhattan.”

The software could become more ubiquitous, eliminating the need to take notes at all. For students, office workers, and even shopping lists, it could revolutionize lives.

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6. Your home will protect — and clean — itself

Amazon Echo on a table

Just tell it what to do, and you won’t even have to turn off your lights. | Amazon

Today, you can already control many aspects of your home from your phone. Automated home devices include lights, temperature, security, and even doorbells. Robot vacuums can take care of that chore. And Amazon Echo and Google Home can both order groceries, control your sound system, and more. Soon, robotic units will even come out to fold your laundry. Where your home is concerned, the future is now.

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7. We can go anywhere with virtual reality

man using virtual reality headset

It’s for those who can’t afford to travel. | Popartic/iStock/Getty Images

If you have ever played with an Oculus Rift or a similar virtual reality headset, you know how immersive the technology can feel. Soon enough, that technology will advance to the point where we can all “travel” to new places without ever leaving our couches. Some virtual reality programs already let you immerse yourself in destinations, but the experience gets more “real” every day.

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