The Top Street Style Trends for Men

Getting style inspiration comes from more than just magazines or television. You can get a number of ideas by observing fellow fashionable males on the street. So what street trends are hot right now? Below are a few of the coveted fashion trends you’re probably seeing a lot of.

1. Overalls

close-up of a zipper on some jeans

Overalls are back in style | Pixabay

These are seen in women’s fashion frequently, but men are now starting to get hip to this trend as well. Usually worn in a denim wash, other popular looks include neutral toned overalls.

2. Statement tie

young man in in white shirt and red neck tie

Young man wearing a tie |

A tie on its own can completely transform a look, but incorporating a bold statement tie seems to be the way to go. Opt for a tie with some color, print, or texture for a fashionable approach to this trend.

3. Denim jacket

man in denim jacket and glasses

A denim jacket is always fashion-forward |

This wardrobe staple continues to remain a must-have when it comes to crafting the perfect casual look. Various denim washes are trending from dark to light, so select the color that works best for you. You can add a bit of personal flare by opting for a denim jacket that has an embedded print or detailing on the back.

4. Floral prints

Man in a floral shirt

Man in a floral shirt | Pixabay

Sure it gives a vacation vibe, but men are seen wearing this popular print all year round. These shirts are usually matched with a pair of dark pants or paired with a basic tee as a layering piece. Stick to short-sleeve button downs or polo shirts to stay on trend.

5. Raincoat

man in a coat

Man in a stylish raincoat |

Catching some popularity in Paris is the desirable raincoat. From traditional trench coats to the yellow parkas, raincoats are a must-have when it comes to outerwear.

6. Suspenders

man in suspenders

Man in suspenders |

Men young and old are adapting to this trend nicely. You can go the vintage route and pick up a pair of classic suspenders at the secondhand store or select from newer designs that may include a bold color or print.

7. Clam digger pants

man with rolled pants

Man in his stylish-yet-casual pants | Pixabay

These pants offer a casual laid-back appeal and are being sported by all types of men. They fall mid-calf or higher, making it perfect for fashion-forward males to include a pair of statement socks. Stick to solid dark colors, and avoid prints.

8. Quilted bomber jacket

Model wearing a bomber jacket

Man in a quilted bomber jacket on the runway | Bread & Butter by Zalando/Getty Images

The bomber jacket on its own is often seen on some of the most fashionable men. Adding a unique touch with a quilted bomber is becoming popularized within street fashion trends.

9. Fitted blazers

man in a blazer

Man in a well-fitted blazer |

Just about every guy looks good in a fitted blazer; it can really help to pull together a look. Lean toward traditional dark colors such as black and gray. Opt for a simple design and minimal detailing.

10. Oversized T-shirt

man with tattoos in a white t-shirt

Oversized tees are making a comeback | Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images

These shirts are usually sported with a bold artwork design on the front. Stick to white shirts that hit a little bit below the waist to the upper thigh, no further. Lean toward designs in either a black print or with a colorful artistic flare.

11. Oversized trench coat

man wearing a blazer and a coat over top

A trench coat is always a good look | Levent Kulu/Getty Images For IMG

This coat has been seen in many other colors, so there is no need to stick to a traditional tan. Aim for a length that hits just below the knees, since this trend tends to look best on long and lean body frames.