The Worst Clothes to Wear When You Have a Small Butt

You’ve done your squats, but you’re still a far cry from bootylicious or J. Lo territory. Not to worry, even if you’re not as naturally gifted in the derriere department as you’d like, you can still play up the assets you have. Take your small butt style from blah to boom in no time flat by avoiding these no-no’s that will do the opposite of boosting your backside. Your butt will be far more banging as a result.

1. Shift dresses

Karen Kane trapeze dress

Karen Kane trapeze dress |

When you have a small butt, it’s all about creating an hourglass silhouette to emphasize (or create) a curvaceous difference between the waist and the hips. Shift dresses do the exact opposite of this in that they don’t show any definition. In other words, you might as well kiss your booty goodbye when you wear one.

2. Loose, large pocket jeans

jeans, denim

Jeans, denim | Joe’s Jeans

The pockets on a pair of jeans may not be the first thing you consider while denim shopping. But the size, shape, and placement of these pockets is nothing short of an art form. They have the power to transform your butt — for better or worse — the minute you turn your back. They can also make big difference when it comes to the perceived size of your booty. Jeans with large pockets, especially jeans that have a loose, boyfriend silhouette, can make a small butt appear even smaller. Slim-fit jeans with small pockets, especially those situated higher on the rear, often do a far better job at bringing out even the smallest of butts.

3. Tight pants

pretty woman wearing a retro elegant hat

A woman wearing tight pants |

While it may seem sensible to wear tight pants to accentuate a small butt, this usually ends up having the opposite effect. Fabrics that are too tight and stretchy, such as Lycra, can squeeze your butt in all the wrong places leading to a flattening effect rather than rounding out your derriere. If you shimmy into a pair of pants and your butt pulls a magic disappearing act, then they’re too tight to show off your shape.

 4. Bubble skirts

Bubble skirt

Bubble skirt |

A bubble skirt does not create a bubble butt — at least not the one you want. Yes, this type of skirt makes the booty look bigger, but in all the wrong ways. The silhouette becomes one that’s too bottom-heavy. Better to go for a skirt that’s narrow and fitted at the top and features structured pleats that flare out for a flirty and sexy silhouette. A trumpet skirt, which has a body-con shape around the booty, then flares out around the knee, is also a great option to boost your small butt.

5. Unstructured, non-stretch fabrics

Levi's 501 jeans - summer basics under $100

High-waisted pants | Source:

Whereas too-tight pants can take out all the perkiness from your backside, some measure of structured stretch is your butt’s best friend. The key is to ensure it’s high-quality stretch fabric with proper tailoring, as this will allow your clothes to hug and lift your booty rather than smoosh it or disguise it in a sea of fabric. This often comes up with jeans. Look for a pair of high-waist jeans or pants with a moderate amount of stretch that skim your backside rather than shrink it or drown it out.

6. Midi lengths

Michael Kors dress

Michael Kors dress |

From skirts to dresses, the midi length can be problematic for those with a small backside. Unless they’re well-structured and tailored properly, they can loosely fall from waist to bottom with nary a curve in sight. When you show more leg in a shorter, above-the-knee length, the eye is immediately drawn upwards to the butt, thereby enhancing that area.

7. Vertical stripes or color-blocking

Vertical stripes create the illusion of height and narrowness, and for that reason, they are often recommended in fashion. However, when applied directly to the booty, these types of vertical stripes or color-blocking can kill the curves by de-emphasizing the hips. This is one occasion where horizontal color-blocking can really work to your advantage. You’ll most often find the best results in a color-block skirt when the place where the two colors meet falls right below your butt.

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