8 Things a Person Should Never Wear Out in Public

If it’s been awhile since you last cleaned out your closet, there’s a good chance you have a lot of items in there that are either really dated, worn out, or a combination of both. We’d recommend getting rid of your dated apparel immediately, but at the very least, stick to wearing it when you’re at your house and are completely alone. To help you weed through what you should and shouldn’t be wearing in public, we’ve compiled a list of eight items that should never see the light of day.

1. Capes

young man wearing superhero costume

Pack your capes away, unless it’s Halloween. | iStock.com

Unless you’re a superhero or you have nothing else to wear besides your blanket, there is no reason you should have anything wrapped around you. There’s no need to take your Snuggie outdoors.

2. Diaper, drop crotch, or hammer pants

man who can't button his pants

Make sure the crotch of your pants is up where it needs to be. | iStock.com

Hammer time is over, and we don’t predict it coming back anytime soon — although Justin Bieber seems to disagree. Even he can’t pull off these low-crotch, diaper-looking pants. If you absolutely must wear these pants, maybe they’re best worn as pajamas. Otherwise, don’t even try it.

3. Crocs

Green Garden Clogs

Unless you’re gardening, just say no. | iStock.com/clovercity

You shouldn’t ever, under any circumstance, wear Crocs unless you are gardening or working in a kitchen. Otherwise, you have no excuse for them to be anywhere near your feet.

4. The “going out” dress shirt

young man dancing in a club wearing red shirt

Don’t be like this man wearing his signature “going out” dress shirt. | iStock.com

The “going out” shirt is the top in your wardrobe that makes you think that you look like you’re ready to party. It’s a silk paisley-type shirt with a defined collar — maybe it has pinstripes, or maybe it’s one where you think the color is awesome. It might even be black. No matter which one it is, don’t wear it anymore. Your regular shirts are just fine to go out in. There’s nothing worse than looking like you tried too hard.

5. Motivational shirts

a shirt with a statement on the front

Put shirts like these to rest. | Peter Aiken/Getty Images

Please stop wearing these to the gym in hopes they’ll give you that extra boost to reach your fitness goals. The Huffington Post shares our sentiments, even taking it a step further by shunning slogan shirts or meme shirts, especially those that are telling whoever is reading your shirt to keep calm and … [insert the rest of the phrase here]. Any sartorially savvy man knows that shirts shouldn’t have words on them, unless they’re band T-shirts. Instead, stick to a plain shirt that says way more than one with words sprawled across the front.

6. Sketchers or Shape-Ups

feet in grass

Choose sneakers that aren’t Shape-Ups. | iStock.com

Shape-Ups are the ones that look loaf-like in shape and are meant to tone your legs while you walk. Fact: A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research struck down this claim. They might be comfortable, but aren’t all sneakers? Stick to a more stylish one instead.

7. Sweater vests

sweater vest

Sweater vests can look silly. | iStock.com

While a V-neck sweater is a smart way to add layers in a savvy way, we can’t help but chuckle just slightly at the man who removes his blazer to show that his V-neck sweater is missing arms. Cue the Friends theme song.

8. Cargo shorts

Business man showing his empty pockets

Plenty of pants have pockets, so skip the cargo shorts in favor of sleek pants. | iStock.com/jinga80

Cargo shorts are considered just as bad as dad jeans — the high-waisted, lighter wash, unfitted jeans. While it’s hard to argue their usefulness because they have oh-so-many pockets to carry everything and anything you need to go about your day, upgrade to a flat-front khaki or linen shorts, sans pleat.