6 Things You Need to Remove From Your Closet Now

We’ve all made the mistake of keeping a clothing item or accessory way past its expiration date. Or even worse, we’ve made the mistake of wearing it. A lot of old things come back in style like plaid shirts, for example, but for every plaid shirt you pull out of your closet ten years later, there’s a tie-dye t-shirt even the most die-hard Phish fan wouldn’t be caught dead in.

Here are 10 items to toss from your closet. From dated trends to things that just don’t work on your body, when in doubt, you should always throw it out. And remember, if something is still in wearable condition; donate it to a local thrift shop or non-profit organization. You can often get a tax deduction and hey, it’s a nice thing to do. If that’s not incentive enough to replace your old duds, then I don’t know what is.

1. Trucker hats

trucker hat

A trucker hat | iStock.com

Unless you actually drive a truck (and an SUV doesn’t count, even if you call it your truck) as a job, do not wear trucker hats. They are not coming back in style.

2. Anything stained or ripped

Blue denim shorts ripped

Blue denim shorts ripped | iStock.com

If an item of clothing is ripped on a seam, you can save it by taking it to your local tailor. But like a bad relationship, some things are beyond repair. If it has a hole or many holes, or it looks like someone took a razor to it, the only place it belongs is the garbage. And that goes for anything with a stain on it too. You might think no one notices you spilled a venti latte on your white shirt, but you’re wrong — everyone notices.

3. Things that don’t fit

clothes that don't fit

Pants that are too short | iStock.com

No one wants to throw out something expensive, but if the only thing a shirt is highlighting is your weight gain, was it really worth $300? The suit that fit 50 pounds ago? It’s not going to be as flattering on you now. Let those clothes go, and dress for the body you have now.

4. Promotional shirts

Funny t-shirt

Funny t-shirt | Zazzle

It’s great that you donated blood in 2006. You get a lot of karma points, but zero fashion points for that act of kindness. And while you should remember the good time you had on spring break during your sophomore year of college, there’s no reason to keep your Carlos’n Charlie’s t-shirt. Here’s a good rule to follow: If it’s a promo — it has to go!

5. Anything Ed Hardy

Ed Hardy t-shirt

Ed Hardy t-shirt | Amazon.com

Even if you are still mourning the death of Christian Audigier, it doesn’t mean you should wear Ed Hardy. Unless of course you are trying to win a Jon Gosselin look-alike contest, which in that case, your wardrobe is probably the least of your worries.

6. Worn-out or damaged shoes

worn out shoes

Damaged shoes | iStock.com

You didn’t put away your shoes, and lo and behold, the dog thought your kicks were a chew toy. This happens to all of us. You learned your lesson, but you need to accept the loss and give the shoes a toss. Don’t save them for the day you plan to paint your apartment or assemble Ikea furniture because you know that day will never come. And if your shoes are truly worn out and you keep wearing them, you’ll only end up making your podiatrist a whole lot richer. Why not just buy new shoes instead?

However, if the top of the shoe is in good condition, but the soles are looking thin or the heel is worn out, you can always take them to be repaired.