This Season’s Most Affordable Menswear Trends

Most men know what they see on the runways is not how it’s going to be worn everyday: Not only can it be unrealistic and complicated but enormously expensive. It just won’t do. Keeping that in mind, we at The Cheat Sheet have rounded up some of the best, affordable menswear trends for autumn/winter ’15 that any man can easily rock. Keep this is mind: Fashion should be fun and affordable, and especially for men, as uncomplicated as possible. You can even consider some of these as your timeless, go-to styles.

1. Shearling and faux fur collars


Source: Nordstrom

If you have been closely following the trends for the season then you know that this one is at the top of the list. The Shearling coat adds a touch of a 1970s rugged-hearder vibe to your outfit that no doubt highlights and exudes your manly nature, and is GQ-approved. Next to shearling is the incorporation of fur (stick to mostly faux fur because not only is it more affordable but you won’t run the risk of being trampled by PETA) as a detail on the collar of a jacket, as opposed to a full-on Chewbacca look.

If you’re going to try the shearling look, try a pilot-style bomber or denim jacket as a safer bet to this look. To keep the look affordable, opt for faux suede or leather versions that look just as good as the real, expensive deal. Your other fur-options are more masculine styles like a peacoat with a fur-lined hood, a bomber jacket with a fur-lined hood, or a parka with the same. Try the Dark Grey Double-Breasted Winter Peacoat by River Island or the Faux Suede Harrington With Faux Shearling In Tan by ASOS.

2. Slim pair of joggers


Source: Macy’s

What is more affordable than a pair of slim sweatpants (or joggers) that can work as both casual and lounge wear? We’re so grateful that this favorite of ours from the buzzing “athleisure” trend makes it acceptable to fashionably wear a pair of sweatpants. To truly nail this look, you can’t rock just any old pair of sweatpants, your bottoms should be slim and tapered or come with cuffs to make sure you don’t look messy. Any type of hardware add-ons like zippers can even fancy up your sweats a little.

While there is no better comfortable clothing item than a pair of sweats, you need to be attentive with what you team them with. Due to their unstructured nature, you’ll need to balance out your aesthetic with something more rigid, like denim or leather, or constructed like an overcoat. As for your shirt, your best options will be a denim shirt or a tee, but if you choose to wear one then it must be worn with one of the aforementioned because otherwise it just looks like you’re heading to the gym. Try the Grey Marl Drop Crotch Jogger by Topman.

3. Trainers with pants

Keeping with the athleisure trend, the easiest part of the trend to rock is a pair of your favorite sneakers with trousers. This is perhaps the easiest way to appear in step with this prevailing menswear trend. Before you go ahead with your pairing, here are a few quick pointers: Your trainers shouldn’t be too overwhelming to the eye, and they shouldn’t looked scuffed or dirty. Consider also opting for a pair of leather trainers as opposed to canvas kicks that won’t offset your tailored trousers too much. Also, leather is just a but more luxe. Bear in mind that anything too over the top will offset your outfit as well and make you look like you have no idea what you’re doing, and consequently, bring your whole outfit down. The right sneaker can be paired with almost any less casual outfit without looking like you mistakenly wore sneakers. Try the Snake Print Sneakers by Zara.

4. All monochrome black

Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

For this trend, you may not even have to spend a penny, which makes it the most affordable of all.  You can’t ever really go wrong with wearing all black. Just make sure you don’t throw a long overcoat over anything you’re wearing to avoid looking too goth. That said, with a head-to-toe black ensemble, your best bet is to go for a rock-star look with slim fitting black jeans, a pair of black leather or suede Chelsea boots, and a leather jacket to top the look off. You can also opt for a minimal look with something modern with sleek tailoring or even throw in some athleisure wear items into the mix, such as a black pair of joggers.

Although you can’t really go wrong with a monochrome outfit, it’s always a good idea to incorporate a mix of textures such as denim, leather, wool, or cotton, and as always, if you’re wearing a darker shade on the bottom, it’s always better to have a lighter shade of black on the top or vice versa to even out your look and, again, to avoid looking too goth.

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