Top 10 Men’s Fashion Trends to Try in 2015

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Most style inspiration comes not from the runways, but rather from street style trends that are creative, innovative, and express something you relate to. When it comes down to it, that’s really what fashion is all about: expression of personal style, and tailoring it to fit your needs. This year’s men’s street style has been hallmarked by a return to traditionalism, but with a twist; styles ranging from school uniform tartans and bold nautical stripes to revamped double-breasted blazers and reconstructed denims. In sum, the top men’s style trends have been an amalgam of conventional meets contemporary.

Here is a look at some of the top men’s street fashion trends this year — don’t worry, you still have plenty of time left to try them all.

1. Nautical Stripes

The classic summer look has been incorporated into street style trends, exuding a nautical edge. With recurring colors like bold reds, deep navies, and crisp whites, you can go casual with thinner pin stripes or go bold with thick statements stripes on t-shirts or jackets. Nautical stripes also look interesting on a cardigan or sweater, and look great with darker sunglasses to streamline the look.

2. Brown Suede Shoes

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This is a great option going into the fall season. A brown suede loafer, boot, or slipper can transition seamlessly with neutrals and powder hues, which are typically featured in spring/summer clothing palettes but, again, transition well into fall. Opt for versatility by wearing a deep, dusty brown to pair with your existing staple pieces and for a cool interpretation of the trend, team your shoes with clothing in varying shades of blue. Also, choose styles with a round toe for a more classic, timeless look.

3. Beige Blazers

Again, although we’re moving into the fall season, you can still get a little more wear out of your blazer before the first leaves start to fall. The relaxed simplicity of neutral colored blazers have undoubtedly been on trend, and appear to be one of 2016’s quintessential spring/summer staples, having been profoundly featured in Milan and London’s street style looks. Make sure your blazer is expertly tailored and try wearing it with subtle dashes of color, by means of pocket squares and slim crocheted ties.

4. Sun Hats

This was a fantastic spring/summer look for 2015, reminiscent of the classic gentleman’s style. They are practical, stylish, and have proven to be a strong influence in contemporary street style. Classical versions of this trend maximize versatility. Beiges work well for spring and summer, while rusty green or dark navy will compliment darker colors in your outfit.

5. Denim Shirts and Jackets

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You cannot get any more traditional or classic than denim. It will always be a style staple, and with each passing season there seem to be newer, more innovative ways to incorporate this classic into your street style. Denim shirts and jackets, a 90s trend, can be updated by wearing relaxed button-down shirts that are versatile in both darker and lighter tones of blue. When it comes to denim jackets, go for more fitted styles of denim jackets for a more tailored approach to this classic street wear style.

6. Ginghams

Gingham styles, with its humble country influences, is the ultimate classic print. This trend is best interpreted with more fitted silhouettes for a modernized twist on an old favorite. Opt for conventional colors when trying out the traditional gingham motif: Keep things timeless with powder blue, diluted navy, and bold red versions. If you’re looking to try something more subtle, opt for gingham belts, ties, and pocket squares.

7. Tartans

Since it’s appropriately back-to-school season, tartans have become a very popular street style reminiscent of private school uniforms. Tartan blazers work incredibly well as statement pieces and can be worn in a wide range of hues, as well as sticking to the traditional interpretation of this style.

8. Round Sunglasses

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These glasses mimic a classic John Lennon-esque style that has been popping up everywhere. Even though this style is more traditional, round sunglasses can be (and have been) reinvented with more of a modern take, with interesting colors and more futuristic dimensions. These glasses are cool and effortless, and are the epitome of great street style.

9. Double-Breasted Blazers

The double-breasted blazer is a traditional style that has been tailored to have a more fitted silhouette, which gives it a modern edge. This look has proven to be a recurring street style trend, and it can be worn in a variety of new ways. Double-breasted jackets look interesting when paired with white tees and fitted jeans for a contemporary take on its traditionalism. This style comes in a vast array of brighter colors, challenging the style’s conventional reputation.

10. Bold Sneakers

Bold, interesting sneakers have been a collector’s dream for over 20 years, and this past season has shown bold, colorful, and bright statement kicks. A brighter sneaker adds a youthful edge, even as we’re entering the fall season.

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