Top 5 Sites to Create Your Own Customized Wardrobe

a customized wardrobe

A customized wardrobe | Source: iStock

Who doesn’t want to craft their own unique style? There is nothing like having a stylish look that you can call all your own! Unfortunately, this doesn’t come easy for everyone, so how can you get a little help? The five sites below will give you all the help you need in order to craft the customized wardrobe of your dreams.

1. Blank Label

Blank Label has made over 100,000 custom garments, helping customers find exactly what they want the way they want it. Each customer is asked a few simple fit preferences in order to create a personalized size pattern. That blueprint is saved for future custom made purchases. This is an optimal way to get the perfect menswear fit.

2. King of Sneakers

Have you ever found the ideal pair of sneakers but wished they had that signature touch? Perhaps you already have a favorite pair of kicks that you want to revamp and make new. King of Sneakers offers everything from how to videos, tips, paints and events! From the red carpet to popular Instagramers, the website is grabbing the attention of those that truly like to express themselves through their footwear. Even the renowned Magic Johnson is a fan of the customization!

3. Cafepress

Have you ever had a witty saying that you always wanted on a graphic tee? CafePress is an easy way to create custom t-shirts! The site also offers customization for sweatshirts, hoodies, tank tops, pajamas and dry fit tops! Not sure how to design a custom product? Don’t worry, the customization process is extremely simple! Each customer is asked to select the product they would like to customize, determine the color of the tee and are then directed to the t-shirt designer. In this platform, you are provided a template so you can get a visual of how the finished product will look, it’s that easy!

4. World of Alfa

You can really tap into your inner fashion designer with this custom service. The goal behind World of Alfa is to provide custom, affordable, and luxury tailoring for everyone. Pieces are crafted based on each customer’s specific body dimensions and are easy to create. Each person is given creative freedom with the help of a guided interactive 3D product design page. Once the design is complete the order is placed immediately. You can go the extra mile and even get your initials or name on each piece that is ordered. Each finished product is handcrafted from fabrics of high quality and arrives within 25 business days.

5. Modify Watches

Get compliments next time you tell someone the time! Modify Watches offers affordable customized watches in several styles. Each customer can mix-and-match faces and straps to craft the perfect timepiece. There are endless combinations which allows you to craft the timepiece that fits your style, mood and personality! If you need a bit of design inspiration, you can always shop the collaborations portion of the site. The customizable platform has partnered with artists and non-profits as well as schools!

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