7 Ways to Transition Your Spring Style to Summer

spring style

Take your spring style right into summer | Source: iStock

Once the temperature reaches about 60 degrees, something inside every man begins to crave the summer style: shorts, summer weight suits, and the freedom of bare feet. Not so fast though with those Bermuda shorts and leather flip flops — you need to start small and change your wardrobe incrementally over a period of a couple of weeks — not hours — as we move slowly into summer weather. Simply making small changes to your everyday styling (for instance, adding in warm weather friendly suedes) will make all the difference and will change the vibe of your entire outfit. Here are 7 of the simplest styling tips to transition your spring style to summer effortlessly.

1. Incorporate white

Though the “white after Labor Day” style rule has pretty much been thrown out the window, if you’re still a gent that adheres to this rule now is the time of the year to start incorporating white pants or jeans into your daily wardrobe. If they’re not already in your closet, a pair of white denim should hold its own in your denim arsenal. GQ creative director Jim Moore, says that white denim jeans are the perfect neutral to pair with almost everything you already own. Go ahead and get yourself a nice pair of Japanese selvedge denim that are well cut and will stand on their own. There’s something about the crispness of white that truly breathes life into your outfit and keeps you in line for the season.

2. Reach for denim alternatives

Slowly but surely as we move closer to summer, your jacket wear will become less and less. In the meantime though, instead of reaching for your leather or bomber jacket, which it may be a little too warm for on a 60 to 65 degree day, reach for a denim jacket instead. A denim jacket goes with practically anything — but if you’re wearing denim-on-denim, make sure your lower half is a darker wash than your jacket, or risk looking like a Midwestern cattle herder.

3. Start putting your socks away

no socks and loafers

A man without socks | Source: iStock

What else says “it’s time for warm weather” than letting your toes out of your socks. Sure sandals are the obvious choice, but it’s time to go sockless with a pair of suede loafers. Going sockless is a casual, leisurely move that screams summer, so it’s important that your shoes convey the same message for the season. Stick to casual loafers when you go foot commando, any other fancy business shoe looks forced and does not exude the carefree nature of the season. Opt for an unlined supple suede or leather that is going to be soft and flexible from the start.

Just be sure to mind your foot odor, and if you really can’t stand the thought of going sockless, then fake it with no-show socks. No one will know the difference — it will be your dirty little well kept odor-free secret . And be sure not to wear the same shoes two days in a row: Let them breathe.

4. Find your favorite pair of shades

The transition from spring to summer means that those rays are going to be become blinding. And what better excuse do you have now than to get a rockin’ pair of shades? Nothing says summer is coming like having on a pair of shades the moment you step out the door in the morning. Try one of the hottest shades of the season: a pair of color mirror gradient frames.

5. Loosen up

Whether it’s your dress shirt for work or a casual weekend oxford, unbuttoning several buttons atop, without going overboard, speaks volumes about the current season and how you’re feeling. Having several buttons undone exudes a more carefree feeling and can be a small, incremental seasonal change that your wardrobe really needs.

6. Chinos


Chinos | Source: Mrporter.com

Wear less jeans and more chinos. Chinos are a lighter and easy swap in for your favorite pair of denim. Chinos are a great seasonal pant that also goes with practically anything you already have in your closet. Also, when you’re ready, and as the temperature continues to rise, swap in a pair of chino roll shorts for instant sophistication. You won’t look like you’re over-doing it with summer attire.

7. Sandal alternatives

Expand your warm weather shoe consciousness beyond the obvious sandal choice. Instead, start wearing espadrilles, plimsolls, woven slip-ons or boat/deck shoes instead. Plimsolls are ridiculously breathable, durable, can add a bit of laid-back to an outfit, and they can be worn without socks. Best of all, they can be put in the washing machine when they start to stink. If you’re looking to switch up your style game, opt for different textile uppers like leather woven slip-ons, which are easy to go sockless with as well, to create a cool silhouette that also happens to be breathable, thanks to the nature of the weave.

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