True or False: This Revealing UFO Video Footage Could Finally Be Proof of Life in Space

A video from February of 2014 showing a daring rescue of a marooned vessel off the coast of France has resurfaced because of a curious-looking pair of objects. The video depicts a helicopter hovering above the distressed ship rescuing its 14 crew members. It also shows a pair of twin UFO’s fly dangerously close to the helicopter.

What were the two objects in the video? Is this proof of extraterrestrial intelligence visiting Earth? Take a look at the video and see whether or not, the video is proof of life in space.

The rescue

UFOs off the coast of France, 2014 |Jason Gleaves, Ufonly via YouTube

The video below shows an analysis from Jason Gleaves. He is a published author who is exploring this and other photographic evidence of E.T. intelligence in his new book, UFO Photos: Computer analysis of a selection of worldwide UFO images through the decades. 

In the video, you can clearly see two blurry images fly across the screen just behind the rescue helicopter. The video leaves us with a lot of questions. Most importantly, what is the unidentified flying objects in the video?

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Were they drones?

Skeptics thought they could be drones. | Petty Officer 3rd Class Jeffrey S. Viano/U.S. Navy /Getty Images

One theory we have is that it could be drones that are flying near the helicopters. The only problem is that those objects are flying dangerously close to the helicopter in some very precarious weather. Given the advancements of hobby drones at the time, it is likely that they could not be that maneuverable.

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Drones can’t go that fast

Drones are impressive, but they’re not that agile. | John Moore/Getty Images

Unless you are in the Drone Racing League, the likely hood of drones moving that fast is very low. The design elements in 2014 were prohibitive in reaching high speeds as well. Not to mention the drones used in race leagues are comparably much smaller than the two objects flying through past the helicopter.

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The objects are really well synchronized

UFOs off the coast of France, 2014 |Jason Gleaves, Ufonly via YouTube

Drones are difficult enough to maneuver on their own, let alone two in tandem. The only way to do that properly would be to have some form of swarm technology that allows them to move in sync. The only problem is that this technology was in its infancy at the time of this video.

Entertainment was barely breaking into them around then and the military didn’t introduce anything until 2017 and 2018. Furthermore, size comes into play. For either application, entertainment or military, the swarm drones are extremely small.

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Could it be a hoax?

A BFMTV is a reputable news source in France. | Sebastien Bozon/AFP/Getty Images

There is one problem with calling this video a hoax right out of the gate. The video was made by a reputable news organization in France during a live broadcast. That would mean that the perpetrators of that hoax would have to have planned everything.

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Camera tricks could be the culprit

woman holding a camera

Was this a bit of movie magic? | iStock/Getty Images

An old film trick to make things look as if they are flying very fast, high in the air or appear bigger than they are is called “forced perspective.” This technique creates a very convincing optical illusion for the viewer. In fact, it is so effective, it is what they used when filming The Lord Of The Rings to make the Hobbits appear small.

Imagine holding a stick with some fishing line attached to two miniature “flying saucers.” Now mount a camera and swing the stick across and above the field of view of the camera. That would give you a nice blurry image of a couple of UFO’s flying right behind an object. You can try this at home with your phone aimed at an open space.

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The government uses these hoaxes as cover

Entrance gate to top secret government Area 51.

The entrance to Area 51, the U.S. Government’s top secret research site. | PD/Wikimedia Commons

Flying saucers do exist, but they were just part of military research projects. Nazi Germany developed some during WWII. They were just never that viable. Nevertheless, the projects continued to develop far after the war was over. But they were top secret research projects that needed to be kept secret. So what better way to dismiss sightings, then to blame them on interplanetary life forms.

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Occam’s razor

Alien UFO saucer flying on a clouds background above Earth

Was it really visitors from another planet? | 3000ad/iStock/Getty Images

In the case of UFO’s, until there is sufficient evidence, you have to err on the side of Occam’s razor. that is the philosophy that the simplest answer is usually the correct one. A lot of UFO enthusiast rely on the lack of evidence being the proof of a conspiracy of a government cover-up of the existence of extraterrestrials, prove that it exists.

So this video is likely a hoax or a military grade drone from a research project that got caught on camera. It is not evidence of intelligent life. That is the simplest answer.

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