Try This Unexpected Hair Cut This Fall

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Every season calls for a new start, so for fall, why not just buzz it all off? Some of the hottest men in Hollywood have bravely rocked this look at some point in their careers and looked damn good doing it: Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, and Bryan Cranston, just to name a few.  It might sound extreme and counter-intuitive especially because we’re heading into the colder months when excess bodily hair is a privilege, but actually, shaving your head in fall is the most logical thing to do. Here’s why:

It’s a clean slate

Your summer was spent abusing your hair, whether it was soaking in chlorine in the pool or salt water from the ocean, your hair is now a dried out dirty mess. If you’re lucky enough to have a full head of hair, don’t worry about shaving it off. It will grow back if you decide you don’t like it. If you’re set on doing it (yes!), go get yourself a pair of clippers or head to you local barber and lop it all off. You’ll feel great doing it. If you decide to do it yourself, GQ recommends using a slightly long clipper guard on the top than on the sides; they recommend a 2 on the top and a 1 on the sides.

Need more convincing to shave it all off?

Here are 3 reasons to just go ahead and try it already.

1. You’ll save money

Less hair means more money in your pocket, because hair cuts and products can be expensive. You’ll end up spending less on shampoo, conditioner, and styling products, and you’ll also end up using them up at a much slower pace.

2. You’ll save time

Bet you would do anything to save yourself just a little bit of time, even if it’s grabbing a few extra minutes to sleep in the morning or streamlining your grooming regimen — shaving your head lets you do both. No hair, no problem.

3. You’ll look tough (and that’s sexy)

It takes a special, confident man to go ahead and lop his top off. It is often perceived as a strong and authoritative look. It also takes a healthy dose of self-acceptance, and it’s something that people really notice once you buzz your hair off.

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