Women Would Rather Men Have Bad Breath Than Be Guilty of These Mistakes

Bad breath may be one of the biggest turn-offs for the majority of the female population, but there are a few other things that women hate just as much — if not more. In fact, Men’s Health once conducted a poll of Women’s Health readers that determined that nose hair (yes, nose hair!) was just as offensive as having to hold one’s own nose while talking to someone.

In fact, 46% of the women who were surveyed said that they would rather talk to a guy with bad breath than with visible nose hair. And, we’d have to agree: Unkempt nostrils can be pretty unsightly — and distracting, at the very least. If your nose is subject to some scraggily, rogue hairs, procure a pair of trimmers to shape it right up.

That said, it’s not just garlic under your tongue and a forest of nostril hair that women can find quite unattractive. Review this short list of turn-offs that will go a long way in making a difference in people’s perception of you — especially the girls — and make sure that you don’t check the box on any of these items, if you want that second date, of course.

1. Back hair

a man's muscular back

Back hair is never a good idea. | iStock.com

Speaking of hair, if your back looks like you’re channeling a page out of the Where the Wild Things Are, then it might be time to tame that hair-raising adventure. Having a clean back is more appealing to many women, and it will highlight any time you’ve spent working on those lats in the gym. We realize that removing hair from your back isn’t easy and also not really possible without some assistance, but it’s worth your while. Set up a waxing appointment or look into laser hair removal.

2. Cologne cloud

men's cologne

Please don’t suffocate people with the smell of your cologne. | iStock.com

A man’s fragrance should be an enticing, come-hither whisper rather than an obnoxious megaphone announcing your presence from across the room. Walking around in a massive cloud of cologne creates nothing short of a wall between you and everyone else. It also can leave women wondering what you are covering up or trying to hide with that musk mask. Just a dab of most men’s fragrances will do just fine. And, remember, no matter how expensive that cologne is, it will translate cheaply if you spritz on too much.

3. Chapped lips

putting chapstick on

Nobody is going to want to kiss or get to know the guy with the chapped lips. | iStock.com

Dry, chapped, or cracked lips aren’t only painful, they can also be an eyesore that compromises your perfect smile. Make sure your lips are doing all the talking — and saying the right things — whether you’re in a business meeting or puckering up to plant a kiss on your significant other. Both summer and winter seasons can be especially taxing to your lips, as both the sun’s hot rays and the cold, dry weather can wreak havoc on your pout. Try to make a habit of wearing lip balm every day and night — even the most basic Chapstick will do. Exfoliating your lips by brushing over them with your toothbrush also works wonders. Soft, kissable lips aren’t just important for the ladies, after all.

4. Product overload

a man examining his hair

Greasy hair is a huge turn-off. | iStock.com

If your hair looks like it deserves its own starring role in a new theatrical production of “Grease,” then you may want to reconsider your styling regimen. Girls want to run their fingers through your hair — not your sticky pomade. Let’s face it: There are plenty of other ways to show off your sleek side without slick hair that only comes off as too stiff in the end. Embrace a more au naturel look; healthy, conditioned hair needs but a hint of styling product. And you’ll save time and money by skipping all that styling product.

5. Dirty fingernails

Man cracking his knuckles

Dirty nails also indicates that you probably haven’t washed your hands, gross. | iStock.com/Staras

Well-manicured nails don’t just make a difference when it comes to that firm handshake of yours. The girls notice a guy’s hands, too, especially hands that haven’t seen any amount of TLC. While rough hands aren’t appealing, dirty fingernails are even more problematic, immediately prompting the question of just where those hands have been. While male manicures aren’t required, they can be very beneficial. At the very least, though, ensure you don’t have any dirt under your nails and that they are well trimmed. For extra credit, put on some lotion, too.

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