Turn Your Man Cave into a Man Kingdom with 5 Products

Everyone deserves a space to call their own. For men, that place is called a man cave, and it’s filled with all of our favorite stuff, from an entertainment center to comfy chairs and video games. Whether your man cave is a giant bachelor pad or a spare room in the basement, every man needs a place to go to where he can kick back and relax.

Maybe you’ve been kicking around the idea about building a man cave for a while. Maybe you already have one. In either case, the items below will turn your man cave into a man kingdom.


RCA Fridge

Source: Amazon


The last thing you want to do is get up for another drink when you’re in the middle of a football game or you’re blasting aliens in Halo. With a mini-fridge in your man cave, like this one from RCA, you won’t have to get up at all. At 3.2 cubic feet, this fridge is just the right size to hold enough drinks and snacks for you and your buddies. It has a freezer for ice and a built-in can dispenser to make it easy to grab a fresh beer without taking your eyes off the TV. And last but not least, it comes in seven different colors, so you can make it blend in or stand out — the choice is yours. Buy one here.

Magnetic bottle opener

Johnny Catch Magnet Bottle Opener

Source: Amazon


You have to decorate your mini-fridge somehow, and a great way to start is by sticking this Johnny Catch bottle opener on the door. The magnetic plate part sticks to the fridge with the force of a thousand sumo wrestlers, which means it won’t come off when you crack open a cold one. Each time you use it, a separate ultra-strong magnet stops the falling bottle cap before it hits the floor. It’s an ingenious little invention, and it works great. Better yet, you’ll never have to go hunting for an bottle opener to enjoy a beer. Buy one here.

Massage chair

Shiatsu Massage Cushion

Source: Amazon


You work hard. Your muscles get tense. So it goes without saying that you need a massage chair. But buying a real, serious massage chair is expensive business, and it’s really not necessary if you pick up a shiatsu massage cushion like this one from Zillion. It fits on nearly any chair, including the favorite one you already own, and it comes loaded with eight adjustable massage nodes that dig into muscle groups like your neck and lumbar area. After a hard day’s work, just about nothing feels better. Buy one here.

Storage ottoman

storage ottoman

Source: Amazon


Studies have shown that you can’t fully relax with your feet on the floor. OK, it’s possible I just made that up, but it’s true that kicking up your feet feels great. That means you’ll need an ottoman for your man cave, like this one from Songmics. But unlike your everyday ottoman, this one has a hidden storage compartment you can use to hold anything you want, from remote controls and snacks to video game accessories and possibly the occasional piece of contraband. It even comes in white and black, so you can get the one that best suits the rest of your decor. Buy one here.

Dart board

Viper Hudson Collection All-in-One Dart Center

Source: Amazon


A game of darts is a wondrous thing. Even if you’ve never touched a dart in your life, you can have just as much fun playing as someone with a hundred wins under his belt. And with an all-in-one dart center like this one in your man cave, you and your friends can throw darts until the beer runs out. This high quality dartboard comes in a pine cabinet with a mahogany finish and includes two sets of darts, dry-erase boards for keeping score, and all the mounting hardware you’ll need to hang it on the wall of your man cave. Scratch that — your man kingdom. Buy one here.

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