5 Types of Pants That Can Hide Belly Fat

If you’re carrying a bit of extra belly fat, it can be difficult to not only find the right size, but also know what clothes flatter you. The trick is to find clothing that highlights the right areas while diverting people’s eyes away from your midsection. Fortunately, there are plenty of clothes that can draw an onlooker’s eye away from your belly. While proper diet and exercise is always a great idea, any one of these five pairs of pants will help give the appearance that your stomach is shrinking.

1. Slim pants

wardrobe with pants on hangers

Slim pants can make you look a lot more fit. | iStock.com

Slim pants, whether they’re chinos, trousers, or jeans, that fit you perfectly, or are tailored perfectly can do wonders for your belly fat. While your initial instinct is to wear looser clothes to hide your problem areas, you can end up looking larger than you actually are. By getting your bottom half down pat, it will be easier to dress yourself above the belt.

2. Pants with a longer hem

man wearing long pants with dress shoes

A longer hem will add length to your physique. | iStock.com

Here is a simple pant trick from AskMen: Wear your pants just a little bit longer to make yourself appear taller and thinner. For this look to work, they should just about reach the floor in order to lengthen your body. Additionally, if you’re opting for a shoe with a little heel, your pants should reach to a half inch above the heel.

3. Smooth and light textured trousers

Man wearing trousers

The fabric of your pants makes a difference. | iStock.com

When choosing your slim pants, make sure you opt for lighter fabrics for less bulk and simplicity. The Art of Manliness advises that if you already have a larger frame, dressing simple is the way to go. When dressing simple, also make sure you pay attention to the fabrics you choose. For example, you may not realize there’s a huge difference between fine wool trousers and a pair of thick denim jeans, but once you try them on you’ll notice how much chunkier the jeans make you look.

Another downside to thicker clothing is that heavier clothing can trap heat inside and contribute to excessive sweating, which bigger men definitely want to steer clear of. Also, make sure all of your pants have a nice, clean front like a smooth pair of slacks that give a nice, defined shape to your body.

4. Dark wash jeans

dark wash jeans

Dark colors are slimming. | iStock.com

Black, as well as other dark colors, are slimming, therefore, if you have some belly fat, choosing a darker wash such as dark blue and gray will definitely flatter and hide your flaws. It will make your legs (and you for that matter) appear more slender.

5. Opt for lower-rise bottoms

Man wearing a suit

A slightly lower rise will cover any gut action you want to hide. | iStock.com

Another tip to hide your paunch? Lower-rise bottoms. Instead of wearing trousers that sit above your hips, wearing ones that sit at your hips will create the image of a shorter distance between the top of waistband and the crotch. When purchasing lower-rise bottoms, make sure the waistband is large enough to accommodate your middle, so that your gut doesn’t stick out over your pants. This visual effect lengthens the look of your torso and shortens your legs — a look you’re definitely not going for.