11 Types of Spring Outerwear Every Woman Needs in Her Closet

After holing up indoors all winter, we cannot wait to get outside and enjoy the warming temperatures. Sadly, spring doesn’t have the most consistent weather patterns. To protect yourself from this season’s unpredictable bouts of rain and wind, make sure you have these vital outerwear pieces in your closet. Consider them your fashion insurance, because with these essential items, you’ll be totally prepared for any occasion.

1. Trench coat

Pretty woman model wearing coat

Everyone needs a good trench. | iStock.com/Rohappy

Style your outfits with a beige trench coat when the weather is predicted to be windy. Just throw this classy piece over casual jeans and a striped blouse to look instantly chic, or tone down a cocktail dress by wearing a trench and heels. This type of coat is one of the most versatile items you can have in your closet, and should be considered your go-to spring staple.

2. Rain coat

Pretty lady enjoy the rainy day

For obvious reasons, a rain coat is essential. | iStock.com/gpointstudio

To survive the continual spring drizzle (or downpour, depending on where you’re located), shop around for a fashionable rain coat. This functional piece needn’t look like a loud, cheap, plastic poncho. In fact, there are plenty of stylish rain coats that can actually elevate your outfit just as well as they keep you dry. This Joules Right as Rain Coat, for example, is so cute that you might start looking forward to overcast days.

3. Wool coat 

Lady in red coat

Don’t think you can put away your full-on coats yet. | iStock.com/SanneBerg

Just because we’ve exited winter doesn’t mean you should pack away all your coats just yet. Keep a few lightweight, wool coats on their hangers for chilly spring nights. We recommend using one that elegantly hangs open, as you won’t need something that buttons, zips, or ties tightly around you. This Whitespace option, for example, won’t ever look bulky, yet will still keep you sufficiently warm.

4. Windbreaker

Woman runner running on city road

If it’s just windy, this lightweight jacket is all you need. | iStock.com/lzf

With summer just around the corner, everyone should take advantage of spring’s sunny days by getting active outdoors. Whether you want to reverse some of the damage you caused over the colder months, or you simply want to feel more confident in a bikini on your next beach vacation, we think a windbreaker is the key to reaching your weight-loss goals. With a windbreaker in your closet, you won’t have any excuse to skip that morning walk when the skies look overcast.

5. Extra long vest

Fashion woman in grey coat on city street

A long vest gives you just enough coverage. | iStock.com/a-wrangler

Let’s be honest, a long vest is far more aesthetically pleasing than it is practical. However, this isn’t going to stop us from keeping one in our wardrobe during spring. Pair your long vest with toothpick jeans and a long-sleeve blouse for best results. If you don’t currently own one, check out this Halogen Long Twill Vest. This piece comes in black and white, is remarkably affordable, and adds instant sophistication to any outfit.

6. Bomber jacket

Smiling blonde woman sits outdoor

You’ll never go wrong with a bomber.| iStock.com/kjekol

If you’d asked us to compile this list two years ago, you certainly wouldn’t have found a bomber jacket amongst the items in our roundup. It feels like this modern jacket has become popular overnight. Still, we can’t say we’re complaining. A slouchy and slightly masculine bomber jacket adds an edgy element to any spring ensemble. They’re great for days you need to run errands and keep your look laid-back.

7. Everyday blazer

businesswoman holding hands on her jacket

Blazers add polish and warmth to your outfit. | iStock.com/g-stockstudio

During spring, it’s easy to get sucked into the allure of whimsical dresses and tiny shorts. However, this probably won’t fly at work. To transform your outfit into something more polished, make sure you have a clean and crisp blazer in your closet. For this season, we suggest finding one that’s a lighter color and material. You can never go wrong with light blue linen or pink cotton. And the best part is you can layer them on top of your dresses.

8. Jean jacket

Smiling young model

Denim jackets will never go out of style. | iStock.com/SanneBerg

This classic spring essential isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Our favorite jean jackets are the ones you’ve worn with love and broken in for years. In fact, if you’re in need of a jean jacket, we recommend finding one at your local vintage store instead of buying a stiff, new one at a department store.

9. Long cardigan

Beauty relaxing

Long cardigans look effortlessly chic. | iStock.com/SanneBerg

Throw on a long cardigan on the days you want to feel extra comfy. This breezy, flowing outerwear option is perfect for the days you want to visit a coffee shop, curl up with a book, or spring-clean your home. You may associate outerwear with stiff, heavy, and uncomfortable materials, but long cardigans are a prime example that this isn’t always the case.

10. Leather jacket

Thoughtful blond woman

Leather jackets are nice for when you want to add edge to an outfit. | iStock.com/SanneBerg

Just because spring calls for bright prints and pastels doesn’t mean you have to lose your edge. There are countless ways to incorporate your favorite leather jacket into your spring clothing rotation. Wear it over a feminine, white dress or out on a dinner date to keep warm. We love the way a leather jacket instantly adds a dark and mysterious touch, so wear one whenever you want to keep someone guessing.

11. Statement jacket

woman wearing a retro elegant hat

Let your jacket do the talking. | iStock.com/Rohappy

On top of all your functional outerwear pieces, every woman needs one statement jacket in her spring wardrobe. This doesn’t need to serve any practical function, other than simply making you feel young and trendy. Whether you choose something crazy colorful, tasseled, or covered in buttons and patches, it’s a great idea to have something unique to wear when you’re feeling less confident or down in the dumps.