4 Universally Flattering Hair Styles That Every Woman Can Rock

Hairdresser cutting the hair of a woman

It’s time to demystify getting your hair cut. | iStock.com/MilanMarkovic

Switching up your hair style can be risky. Everyone has different textures and thicknesses to worry about, which can make a cut that’s low maintenance on one person a complete nightmare to style for someone else. Using a hair straightener each and every morning just to make your cut look the way it’s intended to? Pass.

Plus there’s always the concern that your newest ‘do won’t work with your face shape. It sounds silly, but it’s true. We’re all gifted with a laundry list of great features, but just because a pixie cut looks great on your best friend, sister, and favorite celebrity doesn’t mean it’ll work for you  — and that’s OK. (We bet there are certain types of makeup and clothing hues you can pull off better than any of the rest of them.)

This means choosing a cut can be overwhelming, particularly when you’re greeted with stacks of magazines showcasing every style known to humankind when you visit your hair stylist. To make your next trip to the salon a little less painful, we compiled a list of the most universally flattering hair styles around. Time to schedule an appointment.

1. A bob

fashion blonde with stylish short hairstyle

Almost anyone can pull off a bob. | iStock.com/deniskomarov

Consider a bob the little black dress of hair styles: It’s timeless, incredibly sophisticated, and looks great on everyone. “The bob is such a great, versatile hair cut that really suits everyone,” hair stylist Leanne Citrone told Byrdie. “It can easily be customized to anyone’s hair length and texture.” Citrone continues, saying that while women with thin hair should opt for a clean bob, those with curly or thicker strands can experiment with some long layers. To give this ‘do a cool-girl finish, add some texturizing mousse or sea salt spray.

2. A lob

Fashionable girl with red lipstick and short hair

This cut looks great on everyone. | iStock.com/deniskomarov

Let’s get one thing straight: A bob and a lob are two very, very different styles. They’re both short cuts, but a bob usually hits your chin while a lob rests slightly above your shoulders. The one thing they do have in common; however, is their versatility.

While this style looks great on virtually everyone, Frederic Fekkai stylist Renato Campora told InStyle it’s a wonderful option for those with fine or damaged hair. “This returns it to being healthy without being tied down to a short style,” Campora told the publication. “It gets rid of stringy ends, so hair looks thicker.” Whether you blow-dry your hair regularly or sport your natural curls, this option is easy to style and looks undeniably chic.

3. Long layers

brunette woman with long healthy hair

Go for the layered look. | iStock.com/Persians

There’s a reason virtually every celebrity has sported long layers to an awards show. The look is glamorous, incredibly feminine, and looks great on everyone. According to Allure, a head of long layers is a great way to give your mane some extra volume. While the placement of the layers may change depending on your hair’s thickness, one thing’s for sure: This option will only look stylish if you keep your hair healthy. Fried, straggly ends stand out here, so go ahead and treat your locks to a hydrating mask every now and then. Or, if you’re on a budget, slather some coconut oil on your strands before you go to bed.

4. Side-swept bangs

female young adult

These bangs look good on everyone. | iStock.com/NataliaMills

While bangs add an effortlessly chic flair to any look, severe across-the-forehead bangs aren’t for everyone. If you want to add some more dimension to your ‘do but don’t want to invest in some risky blunt bangs, try a side-swept iteration. StyleCaster notes that when you push your bangs to the side, they can end up making your face look slimmer. And unlike blunt bangs, which require regular maintenance, a side-swept option is less dramatic and looks great with any texture.

If you’re considering adding some bangs to your mane, ask your stylist for longer ones. That way, if you do choose to wear your hair au naturel, they won’t curl up too high and become difficult to style.