5 Ways Men Can Make Their Skin Look Better

Whether you have a standing monthly appointment with your esthetician for facials or put on a nightly cleansing mask to clear out your pores, there’s a likely chance you have some grooming rituals that are designed to help improve your appearance. But, despite all of your efforts, when you look in the mirror, you still can’t help but notice your imperfections. You might not have realized that you can have a flawless face (or close enough). All you need is a secret weapon. Nope, we’re not making this up. All you need is a few bathroom essentials to help you groom to perfection. We aren’t suggesting you start borrowing your partner’s products, either — there is a whole world of products just for guys, designed to help you tackle your face. 

1. Marc Jacobs Beauty Brow Tamer Gel

Man looking in mirror

Keep your eyebrows under control with brow gel. | iStock.com

A man’s eyebrows are the curtains to the windows to his soul. We all know windows look better with a little treatment and so do brows. Even if you already tweeze or perhaps wax or thread, your brows might still need a little taming. So how do you control those two caterpillars on your face? A little brow gel is all you need and Marc Jacobs makes one of the best. Designed to hold all day, no one will have any idea why your eyes suddenly look so amazing.

2. Anthony Instant Fix Oil Control

Man managing his oily skin

Some products are perfect for managing oily skin. | iStock.com

If you’ve ever even briefly considered wearing powder to control the oil on your face, you need Anthony’s Instant Fix Oil Control. This product not only absorbs the sticky slick and helps dull that embarrassing shine on your face, it also helps prevent future breakouts. Another bonus: You can trade your huge pores for huge confidence after you apply this stuff. And it’s a big hit among folically-challenged men because it can be used on the top of the head, a place that can often have more oil than a Jiffy Lube.

3. Lab Series BB Tinted Moisturizer SPF 35

Young man applying moisturizer on face

There’s nothing wrong with experimenting with a little tint. | iStock.com/djiledesign

BB cream is one of those products that sounds more confusing than it needs to be. BB stands for Beauty Balm, which might sound unappealing, but it’s just a fancy name for tinted moisturizer. This particular Lab Series product also contains one of the best ingredients for age-prevention, which is sunscreen. While a tinted moisturizer might sound too makeup-y for the average man, don’t get tint-timidated. The color is very subtle and will blend in with your natural skin tone once it is absorbed.

4. Clinique For Men Bronzer

Man looking in mirror.

Apply bronzer after you wash your face. | Stock.com

Looking a little pale? That’s OK — it’s an easy fix thanks to Clinique For Men Bronzer. This oil-free formula will not make you break out. Just apply a small amount on freshly cleansed and moisturized skin. Then all you have to do is blend, blend, blend, for a just returned from the golf course or chopping wood kind of glow. And don’t worry if you’re heavy handed; this bronzer wins the gold for coming off easily with your regular face wash.

5. Mënaji Camo Concealer

Concealer works equally as well for men

Concealer works equally as well for men | iStock.com

Lots of men use concealer, they just won’t admit to it. From the newsroom to the boardroom and everywhere in between, more men use these little sticks of forgiveness than you think. Concealer can hide any facial flaw from zits to dark spots and even circles under the eyes. Mënaji Camo Concealer is the only concealer a man needs. Even the packaging is camo, designed to look like a lip balm, so you don’t blow your cover. Your cover-up that is…