5 Ways Men Can Become More Attractive in 5 Minutes or Less

When time is of the essence but you want to look good, what do you do? You find quick ways to upgrade your appearance, of course. It may sound like a challenge, but upgrading your look in just five minutes is incredibly easy. The objective is to find a routine that works for you, and execute it quickly. Here are five easy ways to upgrade your appearance in five minutes or less.

1. Sit or stand up straight (1 to 2 seconds)

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This can easily be done in just a second. | iStock.com

Good posture is key when it comes to your appearance. People take notice of a man who stands tall, squares his shoulders, and walks with conviction. It will make you appear more confident, longer, and stronger. If you’re having trouble maintaining your posture, work on it every day or try yoga to help.

2. Moisturize (3 to 5 minutes)

Applying moisturizer | iStock.com

Applying moisturizer to look fresh. | iStock.com

Having great, supple skin breeds confidence, and not to mention more youthful skin. It’s important to maintain a good skin routine: Use face wash, exfoliate, and moisturize — in that order. A good skin care routine and moisturizer can work wonders for your appearance. Don’t skimp on your hands or feet either.

3. Smile (1 second)

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Take care of your teeth for a nice smile. | iStock.com

This one of the easiest and quickest appearance upgrades you can make. People love people who are happy. Who doesn’t love a man who has a beautiful, yet mysterious smile? Make sure to take care of your teeth and floss every day.

4. Add to your workout routine (5 minutes)

a man exercising

Go for just five minutes longer. | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The simple equation to looking better is feeling good, especially when it comes to your body. Fitting in an extra five minutes to your workout will get your blood pumping and burn more calories, and you will begin to see a difference in your appearance. In fact, according to AskMen, certain exercises ignite key hormones, such as testosterone (the manliness hormone) that benefit your look more than others. Looking for a few quick exercises to add on to your routine? This five-minute workout is a great way to end your normal sweat session, or try a few of these one-minute exercises.

Don’t forget to always tackle your workouts with purpose.

5. Wear clothes that fit (3 to 5 minutes)

Something that almost fits does not fit, so get it tailored | iStock.com

Something that almost fits does not fit, so get it tailored. | iStock.com

Wearing clothes that fit you perfectly is priceless to both your confidence and appearance. You should own clothes that complement your frame, and you shouldn’t ever wear anything baggy. Find a tailor, and get to know him well. It’s worth it to spend a little quality time with your apparel to make sure you have clothes on hand that fit your frame perfectly. Your handsomeness and put-togetherness will shine through. Tracking down a tailor may take some time, so in the meantime, spend an extra minute or two in the morning finding an outfit that fits perfectly.