Here’s How Any Man Can Boost His Style Game Without Really Trying

Being that stylish guy who always looks like he just left a photo shoot isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Contrary to what you might believe, being a dapper dude doesn’t take that much work. So how can you achieve maximum style with minimum effort? It’s easy if you follow this six-step plan.

1. Get rid of things that have seen better days

In order to be stylish, get rid of of your old clothes

Get rid of old and worn out clothes. |

Want to know what is never stylish? Ripped or torn clothing, clothing with unintentional holes, and anything that is stained. It’s easy enough to look through your closet. Get rid of any item that falls into the above categories. While you’re at it, say goodbye to anything you don’t really like that you’ve been keeping. You will be left with a far more suitable wardrobe. It is that simple.

2. Make sure your clothes fit

Handsome businessman in suit speaking on the phone

Clothes that fit will always enhance your style. |

Only buy clothes that fit. If you are trying to lose 20 pounds, you shouldn’t buy pants hoping you will fit into them one day. Conversely, if you’ve lost a lot of weight, it’s time to throw those old pants out or have them taken in, if possible. You will automatically be more stylish when your clothes fit properly. It’s also important to find a good tailor who can do everything from hem your jeans to shorten your sleeves. Many stores already offer alteration services for free, including Banana Republic, J. Crew, and Brooks Brothers. If you are having trouble finding suits that fit you well off the rack, consider Suitable. The company will custom make you a suit at not-so-custom prices.

3. Stick to the classics and stay away from trends

a man shopping

Classic clothing will never go out of style like trends. |

Classic clothes are always in style. If you have a closet full of trendy clothes, they might start to look dated in a season or two. This does not mean you can’t buy a trendy piece every now and then, but they should not be the basis of your overall look.

4. Buy good jeans

jean shopping

A good pair of jeans are a closet staple. |

Jeans are the foundation of a causal look. A really nice pair of jeans sets the tone for an entire ensemble. Lots of men tend to neglect the importance of wearing jeans that work well on their bodies. If you aren’t sure what jeans look best on you, go with Zip Fit Denim, a site that takes all the guesswork out of jeans shopping. You enter in your measurements and some additional information about your body shape, as well as your fit preferences. The company will suggest the right pair for your body type and even hem them for you.

5. If it looks good, buy multiples


There’s nothing wrong with buying multiples of something that looks good on you. |

This is all about putting in as little effort as possible. If you find something that looks good on you whether it’s a pair of pants, a sweater, or even a Polo shirt, purchase multiples in different colors. This way you can always look great, but not wear the exact same thing all the time. Furthermore, you will have to replace these items less frequently, which means saving a trip to the store.

6. Accessorize

Stylish man wearing accessories

Accessories will add personality to your outfits. |

Accessories are a great way to make an outfit look complete. Adding a hat to jeans and a sweater will top off the look. A great belt or sharp shoes can take you from “blah” to “bam.” If you have glasses, a new set of frames can change everything. If you don’t need glasses to see, never underestimate the power of a great pair of sunglasses. Even a simple scarf can make your outerwear look totally different. Remember, you don’t need to wear a lot of accessories at once. Just one bold accessory often adds all the extra style you need.